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Adelaide Biplanes comments.

(Reposted as my earlier post didn't include my name.)

I read the on this thread while researching flying schools before starting lessons some 3 months ago.

I drove to Murray Bridge, and to Parafield, and when I went for a look-see at Aldinga (after the comments below) I expected a frosty welcome, perhaps expensive food, and worse.

What I found instead is a warm family-run business, a guided walk over to the school's aircraft parked across the beautiful lawn area so I could see their quality and equipment, and nothing but respect and warmth.

Of the four schools I visited and spoke with (and I took the TIF with another school), Adelaide Biplanes was by far the most welcoming.

Not only that, their aircraft were the most professionally presented and newer. And also the best priced in the category I'm flying.

I am surprised at the slurs on this page from anonymous posters, and in my eyes that says more about them than the good folks at Adelaide Biplanes.

To anyone else reading this thread, don't accept the comments below as truth - go visit them yourself and make up your own mind.