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Rapidly changing weather conditions, hazards on runway

This is a tough airport to operate from. Rising terrain on the North side, with a hill off the East end of the runway. Winds are generally no more than 10-15 knots and almost always from the South. Winds tend to favor Runway 10. Generally 3 movements per day with Wings Air and Expressair. The weather reports are very vague and somewhat unreliable.

Wild dogs live at the airport and sometimes walk around on the runway. They will avoid you if you approach them. People walk and children play on the runway. Ensure that the runway is clear before commencing an approach.

The radio operators will provide weather reports and can speak English, as long as you speak in ICAO phraseology. It helps to call repeatedly, if you do not get a response, as they are sometimes not in the tower.

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Busy airport, good English speaking controllers

The airport has a movement on average every 5-10 minutes, making it a busy airport by Indonesian standards. The controllers can speak English well and are happy to provide weather to incoming or departing aircraft. Due to the single taxiway, you can expect the occasional delay when attempting to taxi. The terminal has lots of snacks and there are lots of taxis that can take you into town.