BHT (AU-0062)

Blackheath - NPWS Helipad
Blackheath - NPWS, New South Wales, Australia

Changes to BHT (AU-0062)

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[update] 2013-09-21 06:44:13 UTC

Changed duplicate entry to new location.

Changed name from "Grafton Hospital Helipad" to "Blackheath - NPWS Helipad"

Changed municipality from "Grafton" to "Blackheath - NPWS"

Changed latitude_deg from "-29.6736" to "-33.6281"

Changed longitude_deg from "152.941" to "150.307"

Changed elevation_ft from "21" to "3316"

Changed gps_code from "YXGP" to ""

Changed local_code from "YXGP" to "BHT"

Changed pilot_link from "" to ""

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[create] 2013-09-19 01:01:53 UTC