MFI weather

Marshfield Municipal Airport
Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States

Public forecast

Using degrees Fahrenheit for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

METAR (pilot weather report)

Retrieved 2019/07/21 04:54 UTC (50 minutes ago):

KMFI 210454Z AUTO 34006KT 10SM 17/16 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP146 T01720161 $

TAF (pilot weather forecast)

Forecast is more than 12 hours old.

Closest forecast is Central Wisconsin Airport, 23.8 nm (44.2 km) ENE. Retrieved 2019/07/20 00:34 UTC (1 day ago):

TAF KCWA 202332Z 2100/2124 25006KT P6SM SCT015 BKN035 TEMPO 2100/2102 BKN015 FM210200 34003KT P6SM BKN120 FM210600 33004KT P6SM SCT120 FM212100 32006KT P6SM BKN050 AMD LTD TO CLD VIS AND WIND 2103/2111