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I've tried to close all the others. They should really be removed.

There is a lot of duplicate listings for this airport

Wed, 14 Jan 2015
Anonymous flyer on Putz Airport view thread

As I know they are no longer in service the green colored that is on east side of Abram Rd was a pesticide type airport for small yellow aircrafts. The magenta colored on west side was a private landing stretch and the guy used that for his go kart type airplane those small ones that has a go kart engine type, and also I think he no longer use that stretch, that's his house property. It was nice to hear those planes on the area. I wish to see them again.

This is a great small town airport. Friendly folks and a good mechanic.

Cheapest av gas in Georgia. Front porch rocking chairs at FBO to watch takeoffs & landings. A lovable FBO dog named "Goober" to pet. Pretty scenery nearby. JZP might be the perfect small town airport.

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