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Sun, 23 Aug 2015

The FBO is still run by FlightLevel, but is now located in the former base ops building (aka the old control tower) at the north end of the runway.

We were flying from Huntington to Indiana last week and stopped at Vinton County for the first time since Manyak took care of the place. I used to fly into this airport a lot and was shocked at what I found. There are people, as far as I can tell, actually living at the airport. There's garbage and dirty clothes everywhere and it looks like a clubhouse or something. Part of the ceiling had collapsed. My wife said it was actually frightening to go into what is left of the terminal. And don't even ask about the smell.

This airport is very PnP friendly and can board animals overnight if necessary. Also give fuel discount on PnP flights.

Reply to @Crimson_Dej: This is the location the FAA has for the heliport.

Can anybody actually confirm the location of this heliport? This location appears to be in someones backyard.