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This NDB is actually on 348 kHz foryears now.

Sun, 21 Sep 2014

Don't land here unless you want the FAA, FBI, CIA, and NSA take their turns giving you a thorough proctology exam!!!

Stationed at Carswell 1986-1992 during the last years of the Cold War and the end of the Reagan presidency. The base has lots of history, from the roll-out of all the great Convair and General Dynamics aircraft across the field, to being a movie star in Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart. It was a great assignment, and a wonderful area (even though the summers were just too hot!). Loved watching the sky turn black when the B-52Hs all took-off during the major exercises, followed by all the KC-135s. What a sight to behold! Also loved the impromptu airshows when GD rolled-out a new F-16 for initial flight tests right over the airfield! That always brought everyone out of their offices, and stopped Commissary & BX shoppers in their tracks to watch the performance!

Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Home to Acadian Seaplanes. Owner / Operator Keith Dechambeau.

100LL available. Self serve, honor system. Keep it that way!!!!

Dock tie available or back it up to the beach.

Great restaurant!

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