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Tue, 17 Mar 2015

Camdenton Memorial had recently changed from H21 to OZS

Sun, 15 Mar 2015
Anonymous flyer on Calzada Larga Airport view thread

Home to ultralight club, good condition RWY, whatch for people crossing the RWY and RC planes flying in the vicinity and over the RWY.

Wed, 11 Mar 2015
Anonymous flyer on Tabu Airport view thread

Atv race track

RPK 521 since Nov 2010 36 36 40 N, 083 44 02 W

Thu, 05 Mar 2015
Anonymous flyer on North Perry Airport view thread

Does anyone remember Arthur Plante AKA "Frenchy"? I learned to fly at No. Perry in 1968 at Frenchie's Flying School. He had stories that would keep you enthralled for hours together with his wife Bea. He had a unique style of teaching and if you couldn't learn from him, then you weren't cut out to fly. I still have my solo shirt with the tail cut off! He came with me on the first flight after I overhauled my 1947 Talorcraft BC12D. He asked me if I had done all the work properly and I said, yes I had and he said, we will find out! He did loops and rolls and spins and then told me I did a good job, and all this with an A65 engine. Great memories.

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