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Not too bad for TSA

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Antonio Maceo is closed for ever. It's over.

I will build another airport so you can com provided that Antonio Maceo is completely destroyed.

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This was a small airport with a 1900 foot runway that served farms just outside of Dulles, VA. The Smith family sold the land back in 2007/2008 and it is now part of a subdivision that sits across from John Champe High School.

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PAWD - Where mountains meet ocean

Very scenic location. Fabulous little town.

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Is the public allowed to land and take off here?

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General Aviation not welcome there

The National Defence ask 14$ landing fees and Promotion Saguenay ask another 16$. An additionnal 25$ fees per passenger was requested and 35$ for daytime parking. Considering that I had 3 passengers on that day, the journey costed me 140$, which is very expensive in comparison to similar airport size.

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No fuel services here

There are no fuel services at this airfield

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need one new

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Hi Sir,

I would like to know if airport still sale. I can purchase it. Please let me know ASAP

Thank you,

Gaetan Bourgault

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In 2012, I used to fly into Leismer Airport. Medics that sleep in the Lobby? British radio operator is a total pervert. DO NOT compliment me on my body you ape.

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No bar or restaurant

I am presently sitting in the international departures area with a two and a half hour wait for my flight. After quite a stressful morning getting to the airport, checking in and clearing security, my wife said she would like to relax with a glass of wine. A cold beer would have been very welcome to me as well. On searching Departures however, I couldn't find a bar or even a proper restaurant --- just an array of fast food joints that I normally avoid at all costs. On enquiring in a duty free shop I was told that indeed there was nowhere to get a glass of wine other than in the airline lounges. For a major international airport this is really. Not good enough.

John W

Victoria, BC

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Active and friendly

One of the most active and welcoming small GA airports you'll find. Take one of the multiple courtesy cars for lunch or to the nearby beach. Two extremely good maintenance shops, avionics shop, helicopter and fixed wing flight schools, skydiving, Hertz onsite, even a real estate broker and a bait and tackle shop onsite! "How can we make your day better?" Is more than a slogan!

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122.8 is local floatplane frequency and Kenora airport is 12

122.8 is local floatplane CJM9 frequency and local Kenora airport CYQK is 122.2

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Seaplane base is across from hospital, not where the anchor

Kenora seaplane base is across from hospital on T-docks and not where the map indicates it is. There is 100LL and jet fuel available on River air side and 100 LL on Kenora Air side of dock. Takeoffs are outside the bay running almost East/West and no high speed taxiing in past buoy. Boats won't slow down for you or get out of the way.

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List of NDBs is in error - Correction

CPM 378 decommissioned December 2013

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More NDB Errors

MF 388 kHz moved to 330 kHz Oct 2010

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There is was a private NDB here

Used to be NDB SNE 260 kHz here. Now reported to be SD same frequency Aug 2016 (miskeying? I've heard it as well as another in TX).

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List of NDBs is in error

OS 278 decommissioned April 2009

EMT 359 decommissioned November 2015

CPM 378 decommissioned December 2016

UR 253 presently off air August 2016 no NOTAM

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Fuel Prices 100LL and Jet A

100LL is $1.199/litre; Jet A is $0.899/litre

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Design Parameters of Gyroport

Dear Mr Sanders,

Can you please provide essential details of making a gyroport. We have no regulations for Gyroplanes in our country India. Could you please provide us with details of designing and constructing one for my personal use/ for public use.

Thanking You

Col Rampal Suhag

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A 70's airport

Very nice if you want to dive into the past. Apparently no developments since 40 year either in services and structure. It took 1 hour to receive luggage after landing from Vancouver. Everything is old fashioned and not at all in line with airports of lesser developed countries.

Really a bad experience

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Airplane flight training

If you are looking for a flight school at the Hillsboro Airport, consider Hillsboro Aero Academy. We have been training professional pilots since 1980 and have thousands of graduates who fly for airlines around the world. To learn more about our airplane training courses, visit:

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does not look long enough from the air but there are a few planes on the ground including a big twin. flight sup says power lines are unmarked but there was a single marker visible. very nice area and close to lake simcoe and scugog, alot of traffic in the area.

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Hotel Rooms, Update

There are 40 hotels in town. I landed at 10pm and because of the boom-bust oil business cycle had no problem getting a room on the top floor. But, something you wouldn't know from a night at the airport, the oil trains go through town every two hours. All through the night. And they are required by federal law to blow their whistle at every on grade crossing. Not a good night of sleep.

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Runway is actually in Jalisco. Buenavista Tomatlán is in Michoacán.

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Miami American Airlines is chaotic, unrestful and not worth

International flights from the Caribbean should be short, sweet and relaxing. Instead American Airlines subscribes to the notion of long, bitter and anxious. Coming back from the Caribbean is a nightmare. This has been going on for years, at least two. They make you walk from the airplane the entire length of the airport to make a line and imprint your passport in the new machines. Then they take a picture. After this line where no one really knows where exactly to go, one has to go to another snaky line where they check the passport again and the picture. This second time is an unfriendly foreigner asking nonsensical questions. Why they couldn't put the machines next to the man asking the questions so one only has to make one line is beyond me. Then they make you pick your luggage, yes they don't have the decency to transport it to your connecting flight. Then you make another line to put your luggage through a conveyor. They don't tell you at this time to put any liquids you purchased in the airport into your luggage so later they will confiscate it. Then you move for another half length of the airport to another more lengthy, more snaky line where they check your carry-ons and any liquids you bought at the airport even with receipt bags and the like the confiscate or you have to re-check for another 25 dollars. This is done by a zealot observer who even the bag checkers make comments on how unreasonable his pulling of certain bags are. Then if you have a connecting flight you must go back through the tram to your gate which usually is gate 60 where they huddle everyone into a packed noisy, hardly-beveraged area until 9:30pm and at 9:30pm they start boarding around 10-15 flights all at once. Then one has to hurry to walk to the tarmac through this outside corridor and go up stairs or a bus to you plane. Miami and American Airlines is a bad combination. It has been so for a while and the organizer of this deal is either a novice or needs different skills.

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Seating and charging outlets

Why isn't there more seating in C concourse? 2 hour layover, no available charging ports and very little seating. Kind of awful for one of the largest hub airports in North America.

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i would like to speak to someone about hangar doors.

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i would like tp speak to someone about your hangar doors.

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i would like to speak to someone about hangar doors.

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No reply when calling for PPR.

Can anyone tell me who the contact is for Picton airport? I've called the number in the CFS but it only goes to a private residence answering machine. No one ever returns my call. I have friends who live in Picton and would like to fly in and visit them, so any info would be most welcome. My email:


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Do not leave your airplane unattended at this place. Very bad for vandalism after hours. Sad but true and the town of winterland or the rcmp don't seem to care.

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BarK, Rusry Alken, Lago Vista

Many of trips ferrying airplanes for repairs at Lakeview Aviation. Good airport for flying around the lake but watch out for those tricky winds and lots of deer around.

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Despite it's beautiful name I always feel like an outsider when I land here.

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This was a really narrow short runway in the old days. Wondered sometimes if we were going to make it over the power lines on those hot summer days

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Austin Executive

The old Birds Nest. Stop in and say hello to Carlos

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My home airport

Been flying here since it opened in 2000

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Is this still in use?

I was just wondering if this small airport was still open? And who do you have to get in touch with to see if a small plane could land there

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Flying a drone


I want to fly a drone in my farm in Saint Cesaire which is close (4kms approx.) to a small airdrome and far away from the main airports.

I just want to make sure I'm not braking any law by doing that on my private land.

Thanks for your advice.

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@ (no subject)

you must be fun @ parties

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Wheather for te weekend

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Probably one of the most nicely decorated airports around.

However, do they need to be spending that much money on decorating it?

There is alot of space that could be better utilized with seating. i.e. a water stream?

There is alot of artwork and the aquarium but most of it is in the departure / arrival sections, so unless you are traveling, you can't see it.

It's not like people visit the airport because it's an attraction, most just want to travel !!

I don't have a problem with this so much, in itself, but it comes at a cost to airport users.

A $20 fee airport improvement fee.

I would rather see a reduced / removed fee, and have a more "plain" airport.

I'm not a huge traveller, but have travelled to many countries and I haven't seen any that are as nice, but again,

at a cost which I'd rather not incur.

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Watch out for unadvertised & outrageous "after hours" fee.

I arrived at 6pm for a Saturday soccer match at Gillette stadium and was shocked to learn that they wanted me to pay $157.50 because I was departing after 8pm. Next time I will go to Mansfield, MA.

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(no subject)

The runway is 4500'.

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Great place to fly into

Wonderful airport, got to watch some aerobatics. The fuel tank owner was so friendly and helpful. Like the person above below I too got a free beverage and help filling my plane. People around the airport we all really friendly.

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FAA says it's closed

FAA data marked it as closed 2014-07-29

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In the middle of the woods?

This "airport" is located in the woods. Please delete it.

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