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AΓΊn opera?

AΓΊn opera?

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jump club and go-carts on aiport

Nice that the leave the restrooms open. FBO was locked.

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Eight or more planes over Sydney?

Can you tell me why there were so many planes overhead at ? about10:00pm, May 17th? Thanks


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Hold ON!!!

Enjoyed a 777 take off while being sand blasted on the beach. FUN

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What did I see?

One evening last year I witnessed a small plane lift off from this place. It was evening and dark and what caught my eye was the sphere being towed by this small airplane. It was internally lit an abou 5 feet across, perhaps 100' feet behind the plane. I watched it fly westward toward schomberg for about 10 minutes. Any ideas?

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An unlikely looking airfield - a small narrow ploughed field in May 2017

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(no subject)

f u

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First flight into and out of this airport

While I do have Midway listed as part of the airports that I have flown into and out of, this will, as of July 16th, be an official statement. I will be flying into and out of Chicago-Midway International Airport for the first time this coming summer.

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2AZ6 Closed

As you can see from the satellite image, this heliport has been replaced by an apartment complex. There are NO helicopter facilities at this location.

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(no subject)

Does this airport fly to Mrxico City ?

Via AeroMexico Airlines.

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NEW VOR-DME in MDJB Joaquin Balaguer Int. (Higuero) HGR FREQ 116.60

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I remember Frenchie

In around 1968 I cleaned Frenchie's planes (two Cessna 150's and a 172) for flying lessons. I was 13 I remember his grandson, his stories and all the fun people who learned from him !

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Who maintains this strip?

Is is privately maintainede? Can anyone land there?

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Great customer service from Windsor Airport's Ken Sawchuck

Letter to the Editor, Windsor Star, April 15th, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam,

In light of the recent United Air fiasco, I would like to share a similar circumstance that happened to me April 3rd at the Windsor Airport. I had purchased a priority assigned seat for the Sunwing flight from Windsor to Cancun scheduled to leave Monday April 3rd. Unfortunately, due to a number of different complications, the flight was overbooked by 1, and I, being the only single traveler was β€œbumped”. This could have been a disaster however, thanks to Ken Sawchuck at Windsor Airport, who handled the situation honestly and with great consideration for the significant impact it had on my vacation, alternate travel plans were agreed to. Sunwing has also promised to look into the matter and implement actions to correct the problem and prevent the same thing from happening to some-one else. Many thanks to Sunwing, an airline that does care about their customers and understands good customer service, to Ken Sawchuck who sensitively managed a difficult situation, my travel agent Jacqueline Poupard from Valente Travel who was a great resource and to Sunwing’s Yoanky Sosa who managed the details at Cayo Coco airport when I arrived at my alternate destination.

With Regards,

Jayne McMahon,

Windsor, Ontario.

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Great Airport

New runway great FBO

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Why did it close

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Airport Permanently Closed



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Picture of Cpfau182

Pat/Sac trip

Nice airport and FBO. Beacon hard to pick out at night.

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ZIN 376 kHz Great Inagua Off Air - Decommissioned?

Last heard 12/16. No NOTAM's seen.


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SG 341 kHz DOMAN Off Air - Decommissioned???

Last heard 10/16. No NOTAMs seen.

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Narrow, rocky strip. Two windsocks, land just beside east windsock due to dip. About 3000 feet long. Harsh rocks last 250 feet on west end of strip.

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Airport Sold - To Whom?

I recently enquired with the Town about landing and have been advised that the airport has been sold. I am unsure to whom. Current cycle of CFS still reports the Town as the operator.

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Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is now operating out of PVU. Very cheap tickets if you book well enough in advance. A one way ticket to LAX booked one week out was quoted at $55.50 the day I checked. The website will try to sell you all sorts of packages but if you just click through its a relatively easy booking processes.

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This airport does not exist.

I don't know if this was an airport/airstrip in the past but its all houses now.

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NDB AP CASSE 260 kHz Gone

FAA techs confirm AP 260 is gone. AP 206 failed in Jan 2017 and since it was to be decommissioned anyway AP will not be repaired. Also stated they could find the NOTAM. Neither could we.

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Keeping my plane at Toronto Island Airport

I'm looking for a place to keep my Cessna 172. Where's the best place on the Island for inside (or outside) parking? Costs?


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NDB AP CASSE 260 kHz Gone?

Not heard since 18 Jan 2017. No NOTAM.

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Dining at Golf Course

I've flown down from CYRO a few times and gone for brunch at the golf course. There is a footpath off the end of RWY25 (be sure to keep an eye on the sky until you are well away from the threshold!) that leads straight to the clubhouse where they are very friendly and welcoming, and have a good menu.

As for the beach and picnic ground across the street - it is just a short walk, but as of August 2017 it was closed for tree chopping (emerald borers have killed a lot of the trees). It's run by the Parks of the St Lawrence, so call them first before promising the kids a fly & swim!

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Pavement Shapfile

Does anyone know where one can get shapfiles for the Airfield pavement?

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Awesome FBO

The FBO owners Darrell and Sherry are great people. Very personal service!!! Clint & John Davis

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The YVR department for controlling taxi cabs coming to pick up travelers at the airport should all be let go!

20 minute wait line! 60 people in line! No taxi cabs!

There are 300 to 400 taxi cabs in a holding area but no one is calling them.

World class airport with no taxi service.

Total BS

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There are a number of EAA MEMBERS AND FABULOUS BUILDERS at this airport.

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(no subject)

Great airport for crossing the border. Only draw back, no fuel.

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Bad airport for connections

If you're arriving at Terminal 1 and your connecting flight leaves from Terminal 3, you'll have to retrieve your checked baggage, exit the secure area, and line up again in the public security line in Terminal 3. Be warned.

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Waiting or Dropping off Passengers?

Great Airport if you understand that the upper section near the visible front of the airport is more for buses, taxi and shuttles. It is much easier to unload or pickup a passenger by parking the vehicle near the entrance door in the 1st level parking lot. It is best your vehicle is parked here in case a plane or your passenger is delayed. When the parking kiosk is closed just print out and pay for parking at the machine on your way out just before the exit door to the parking lot. Keep your receipt to scan to open the gate. A bit different, just takes a little to get used to.

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Airport open in the summer?

Good morning

I have a job up in Dauphin river and am just wondering if the airport is open after the snow is gone?

Is there some sort of maintaince ongoing during those months?

You can email me at

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BCATP locations.

I have designed this web page that display the locations of Canadian military installations past and present.

Some of the info needs corrections.

Let me know of any wrong data.

Pass it along to anyone.

Email me for the URL.

Roger Delisle


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NDB DUA 359 Decommissioned

NDB DUA 359 kHz Decommissioned May 2007 - Last heard Dec 2005.

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Haysfield closed in 2013. It is now a housing development. I

Former grass runway in Clarksville, MD USA.

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Aero Maintenance Ottawa Ltd.

Inspections, Repairs, Service.

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NDB JZJ 223 kHz Decommisioned

ex-DM Rwy27R 12Dec16

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NDB DM 223 Renamed JZJ

Rwy27R 28Sep14.

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I land here quite often. There's a pizza place 1 block away with great ice cream!


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Arrive At Night

For the light show of the city. Spectacular.

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Bare Bones Airport

There's not much here. A 2 level space, but the simplicity makes it easy to navigate and fast. Not a lot of traffic. Getting into Liberia at night is super dark. There are not a lot of city lights, so don't be surprised. Also, the airport itself has one store on the main level which is expensive. Upstairs, at the gates, there are more, but again expensive is the theme - as it is with all airports.

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Valpiro FBO at Val D'Or airport

Val D'Or was great experience!, Valpiro FBO staff were helpful, friendly and efficient, and we had ground power as soon as we had shut down. We had emailed them overnight and, following their response we phoned and made contact. We arrived and parked on the ramp nearest to their facility and were airborne again 58 minutes later after the refuel, coffee and loo stop! Definitely a top-tip in Northern Canada.

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My Fathers Crash

My father died in a crash 6/20/1957. He was flying for Medford Air Service . the crash was in a Stearman about 3 miles from Budworm City. Any info or reports would be helpful.

Thank you

Mark Behnke

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Great Place!

Super nice airport privately owned by a local farmer open to public. Both 100LL and Jet A available. Hangered the plane 3 night $10 per night!

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(no subject)

Neat little airport!

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