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Tue, 30 Jun 2015
Anonymous flyer on Grimsby Airpark view thread

I should have listened. Waste of time! Rude worker or owner! I don't know which. Guess they are trying to sell it so don't care anymore. Who would buy it in its current shape???? Niagara on the Lake is THE place to go and just a few minutes away as the plane flies!!!!

If looking for a getaway air park where you can boat, fish and hunt try here.

Sun, 28 Jun 2015
Anonymous flyer on Cullaton Lake Airport view thread

The mine shut down in 1985 and nothing remains at the airport.

One of the nicest all grass facilities I have ever seen. Recently visited for the Waco fly-in.

Arrived on Friday evening at ~6pm from Barrie. No one was home to answer unicom. Landed and the terminal was empty, they close at 5pm but leave the front open for transient pilots to use the washrooms, get coffee, or borrow a bike if need be. Beware that means there is no one for the fuel pumps and it is $100 to call out (on top of fuel, not waved for min purchase) so if you're arriving after 5 plan accordingly for fuel.

Take off over lake Erie was fun! Great airport, will be back!