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Tailspinners General Aviation Flight Facility, home of the A

South Jersey Regional Airport is home to the Tailspinners General Aviation Flight Facility. The Facility hosts a Flying Club for Aircraft Rental and Flight Instruction. The Facility is also home to the Aviators Choice Coffee Company and Bistro. For more information, check out their website by searching for Tailspinners South Jersey Regional, such and awesome to check out!!!!!!

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airport is closed, replaced by soccer fields

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Woodbine Airport

Yes, Woodbine is a very nice airport with great runways, but I take offense that the banner pilots are crazy, in fact the banner pilots at very professional and take flying seriously.

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re: Data problem

Reply to @ptomblin:

Me again, I noticed the quarry while looking for Hilltop... maybe you'd want to leave the entry to let people know it's not a real airport... it's mentioned on quite a few web sites.

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re: Data problem

Reply to @ptomblin:

I'm notifying Google to see if they'll take it off Maps... i'd love to know how this came to pseudo-existence but I suspect I never will :P

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re: Data problem

I'm going to close this unless somebody objects.

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re: Data problem

Reply to @ptomblin:

Is anybody cares this is a quarry, seems to have been one since 1995... very bumpy for landing.

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The guy they have managing that place hates you and the world. He gets an attitude with just about everyone who stops in. If he hates people so much, why is he the manager of anything? What a bunch of sh*t. Doesn't belong in a public position with that attitude. Find out who owns the airport and file a complaint!

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re: VFR into teterboro

I fly my Warrior into KTEB frequently, but it's always from the north -- from that side, you can drop below NY approach airspace, and it's just a matter of calling up KTEB like any other towered airport. From the south, you might have to negotiate more-complex airspace, or make a big loop around.

When you're leaving, if you're VFR, tower will often let you cut ahead of the long line of bizjets and take an intersection departure.

Gas is expensive, but that's life near NYC. Call your FBO of choice first, and make sure you ask about *all* fees. I was surprised by a new customs fee on my last visit this past summer (since I was coming from Canada), but Atlantic very kindly and quickly refunded it.

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VFR into teterboro

thinking about VFR from Norfolk to teterboro...first time into teterboro. bad idea? any recommendations on route?

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The airport is owned by Green Township

Since someone wanted to know who owned it.

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was a terrible idea. it was the best airport to visit atlantic city. walking distance to the casinos and hotels.

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Visited the other day

Was a Friday. VFR and gorgeous day. Saw about 8 airplanes tied down. None of them looked like they were airworthy except a cub well maintained. Many had flat tires. The "FBO" was open but deserted. Some bottled water and an old broken microwave. No plumbing/running water. The hanger was locked but I could see inside there were some planes in there. In the one hour i was there, not a soul came by, drove by, or landed. My dog and I sat on the picnic bench and had some lunch. I was dreaming about turning this place into something that people could enjoy. Maybe a small greasy spoon eatery. Or give "Cub" rides on Sundays for $5 like the 30s. I hate to see small grassroots airports wither away, but such is General Aviation really. Not enough people interested to pass the torch.... Anwyay, hung out with hope, but finally departed to visit another lonely airport a few miles away - Newton. Even more deserted.

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

Reply to @ptomblin: 8 gallons usable (10 total) in a Warrior is almost double the minimum day VFR reserve even at 75% power and ROP. Personally, I normally land at TEB with about 26 gal usable (28 total), but that's because I'm flying alone and take off from Ottawa with full tanks. When I fly to NYC with my whole family this summer, I'm going to have to keep the tanks a lot lower for W&B, and I can see touching down in TEB with only 10-12 gal usable if it's good VFR. IFR or night VFR is a different story, of course, as is flight over mostly-uninhabited terrain like Northern Quebec -- I like to land with 2 hours in the tanks in those situations.

As you know from your Archer time, another advantage of the Cherokee line is that there's no "both" fuel switch. My rule (which, fortunately, I've never had to invoke) is that if I ever do unexpectedly run one tank dry, I will treat it as an emergency -- something went wrong with my fuel system or my calculations -- and I will use the other tank only to make a precautionary landing at the nearest airport (or on a road or field if there's no airport within 15 minutes). A Cessna's "both" position doesn't give you that kind of warning: when you're dry, you're dry.

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

Reply to @prattsoplenty: If I put 40 gallons of fuel in a Warrior, I'd think I was doing a piss poor job of fuel management. Maybe people who do a lot more flying than I do like to get down that low, but I don't.

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

Reply to @david: Jet Aviation charges a ramp fee, for a single-engine Piper, $170 which can be waived if you purchase 40 gallons of 100LL (today's price was $9.34/gallon). So glad somebody else pays for my fuel!

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

Reply to @prattsoplenty: thanks for the tip. When I first started using TEB a few years ago, I ruled out Jet for some reason (high fees? no 100LL? don't remember). I'll take another look. I am happy with Atlantic's quick response, though.

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

Reply to @david: The other option is to use Jet Aviation at the south end of the airport. There is a Customs office right next to their building. I have been using them for the past few years until I starting working for another company who used Atlantic. But now they have switched to Jet as well since Customs moved to the new location. This is because fueling is not allowed on the Customs ramp and that can delay us. As well, at Jet, it is just a quick walk to the FBO so our passengers can be in the car quicker than at Atlantic. Check out the fees and prices but Jet might be the solution you are looking for.

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re: $200 customs ramp fee

I sent a note to Atlantic, and their regional manager, Joe Fazio, got back to me within the hour. They will refund the $200 customs handling fee from my last visit, and are working to come up with an arrangement more suitable for small, single-engine aircraft (they don't see very many of them, unfortunately). I recommend that anyone planning to clear customs at TEB call first to confirm the fee structure, but hopefully, this problem will soon disappear. In the meantime, I'll just plan an extra customs stop at Massena or Watertown on my way down.

I do recommend Atlantic @ TEB: aside from this one issue, they've provided excellent service to me and my family over the years on our visits to NYC, and even though their gas is expensive, it doesn't add up to all that much of a difference for, say, 22 gallons in a small plane. As for TEB itself, as long as you can depart VFR, tower will almost always let a small plane cut in ahead of the lineup -- yesterday morning, I barely had time to put on my brakes at the hold-short line before I was cleared for takeoff ahead of several bizjets. An IFR departure will be another story, but that's true of any NYC-area airport, because the clearance has to come from NY Approach (I once spent 25 minutes idling at Republic waiting for my IFR release).

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$200 customs ramp fee

Since the customs move to Hangar 1, there is now a $200 ramp fee for customs clearance, even for small private planes. It's not clear whether it's Atlantic charging the fee. Atlantic ramp staff said that someone is working to get the fee reduced or removed for small planes -- it's really designed for bizjets -- and that a lot of people have been caught by surprise and angry about it.

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Customs for Atlantic Aviation has moved



CREATED: 10 May 2012 19:30:00


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Good FBO

Need repair... Visit Alex at Syrek Mee Aviation. Great service!

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re: Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Reply to @willymopit: yes, the landing fee from TEB is annoying, and it's especially a pain for me in Canada, since I have to go to the bank and get a U.S. money order to pay it, then put it in an envelope and mail it to them (they won't accept a credit card). I don't mind the $17, but I wish I could just pay it through the FBO while I was there. I also suspect that billing me and processing the money order probably costs them several times the $17 they collect from me.

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re: Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Reply to @david: Thanks for the input. Speaking of the port authority, I got a bill for $17 several weeks after visiting. I have no idea why, didn't think there were any other use fees except what the FBO was going to charge.

btw, I love this site, so simple, straight-forward, and has been a great resource for creating a large wall map I now keep in my home.

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Lincoln Park and folks fondly remembered

Knew Bill Fedishen (great guy, classic unforgettable character, who was a great foil for Ed. The two were classics of aviation.) Equally unforgetable was Ed Gorski who took my mom and older brother up in a JN-4 Jenny (or maybe a Waco?) in the old days. My first light plane ride, Cessna 172 (1962), first lesson (1964) through license (1969) being instructed by: Bill, Tony Farell (who, IIRC, did my license pre-check ride) and young Dave Brody (with whom did my last dual-cross country and my first & only spin). From Lincoln Park to 23 years in Naval Aviation.

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re: Not for me...

Maybe you ignored and drove past the three signs telling you to park in the parking lot and not drive on the ramp? If so it shows your character to be that of, "I ignore rules and can do whatever I want", meaning they probably wouldn't want types like you there in the first place!

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re: Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Reply to @willymopit: I've always been treated well at TEB too (I use Atlantic), but I agree about cost of a taxi. There is a bus that stops near the airport and goes to the Port Authority; alternatively, maybe it's possible to take a cab just to the nearest NJ Transit rail station, and get into Manhattan that way. I'll look into it on my next visit.

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Manhattan and Hudson River Corridor Access

Landed here to take a couple people residing in Manhattan on a Hudson River flight. First Aviation treated me well, and with the purchase of 20 gallons of fuel, waived the ramp fee. Looked kinda silly parking a C-152 next to all the executive jets, but they gave me first rate service and parking regardless.

Cab ride to Manhattan is exorbitant, need to find a better way!

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Closure why?

It doesn't make any sense that the FAA closed Bader Field. It was a great little airport servicing AC and was easy to get in an out of; no red tape, no long lines, just fun. The excuse of the tall buildings being too close was a load. We used to fly over the President Hotel all the time and no one ever got hurt. I don't think until the Citation incident that there was ever a situation. It was good enough for Lindbergh and the host of presidents and officials. So convenient, a real shame politics had to prevail......There will always be a place in my heart for Bader Field. Check out my latest book "Bader Field" by Carl David.......

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re: Bader Field memories

I agree, having had many flights in and out of there over the years with my father. My latest book, "Bader Field" (Nightengale Press) is aptly named because that was the last place I saw my father. There is a good amount of flying in the book. (The cover has a shot of my Dad next to his last airplane (Aztec D) at Bader Field.

Carl David

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Bader Field memories

Great memories of Bader Field. My solo flight in 1967 was one my greatest thrills. My first flight instructor was Joe Trappy who also was the GM of the field. Joe also taught my dad at Wings Field in 1945. To think that Bader was closed for "development" purposes just gets under my skin. It was a great place for a kid to learn and grow up.

Jim Duffy

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re: First Solo out of Trinca!

Reply to @Steve: Don't know what magic you are talking about.

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re: Not for me...

The guy they have managing that place hates you and the world. He gets an attitude with just about everyone who stops in. If he hates people so much, why is he the manager of anything? What a bunch of sh*t. Doesn't belong in a public position with that attitude. Find out who owns the airport and file a complaint!

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Not for me...

Drove in this evening (7PM) for a friendly hello and to check out grass landing strip..... Manager was very gruff and overly aggressive.... not good for someone in business... too bad... I might have wanted to tie my plane(s) down there..... I wouldn't land there now in an emergency. Good luck!

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hot day take off from Bader Field to Zahns Airport on Long I

hot day take off with a cherokee 140 and 3 on board was "very iteresting",through downtown atlantic city,YEARS AGO.

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Ed Gorski

Wow, cant believe I found this sight. I worked for Ed in the early 70's > I did everything from sweep the runway, to washing his car and loved every minute of it. Instructors were great. Arnold Kufta, Tony Farrel, Bill Reda, Bill Feddishon, Daine Sutton, and Chuck Smith. What a great bunch of guys. And their was Lucifer the cat. He used to catch mice in the field and bring them for Ed. Ed loved that damn cat !! Many good memories with Wayne W. hangin in the commander, breaking into the furnace room and buying those bottles of coke, and lets not forget driving the go carts down the runway on lousy weather days. Would love to hear info on any of them guy

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Great Airport

Exclusive Charter Service has great service out of here,

suggest calling them for a Jet, flow with them for years now and always on the ball!

MIke D

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Look what I found - Ernest "Pete" Billow

Mel Ponton again

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My first too.

I discovered Trinca in the winter of 1961. I was a senior at Netcong HS with a hankering to fly. I drove up to Trinca one day, didn't see anybody until I located the office. Pete was in there with another guy and I asked about flying lessons and how much they cost. Pete told me they were $12 an hour. At the time I could not afford the price of a full hour so Pete offered to give me half-hour lessons. Then he asked if I had ever been up in a plane and I said no. Then Pete said to the other guy there that a guy should not start taking lessons if he had not been up. Then he said he had to take one of the planes up for some exercise and did I want to go along with him. So, he took me up for the better part of a half-hour. The following weekend I started my half-hour lessons. Usually, at the conclusion of the lesson Pete would take over and we would go for a ride hedge hoping all over the surounding countryside. Boy, sure could he fly that J3.

There was a lady who kept a 172 at the field, here name was/is Roxanne Perona. Toward the end of my instructions Pete told me I should check out in the 172 because it was more appropriate for carrying passengers. It was a VERY windy day and my landings were rough to say the least. So Pete took it around with the intention of showing me how to do it. Well, he had as much trouble bringing it in smoothly as I did and after we were on the ground he taxied over to the office where Rozanne was standing. When he came out of the office he heard Rozanne say, "He isn't going to send you up by yourself is he?" and I told her that he had not said anything to me about going up by myself. Well, he must have heard what Roxanne said and as he was walking toward the plane he surprised Roxanne and I by saying to me, "Why don't you take it around the pattern by yourself a few times." Then he turned around and started heading back to the office and as he did he said to Roxanne, "You have to know when to get out of the airplane, Roxanne."

Pete was a hell of a pilot and a hell of a man. I had heard that he died sometime back - not sure when. I would love to go back up to Trinca and spend some time with him. I guess I should have gone sooner. Let me extend my best wishes to all of you who are "graduates" of Trica. It was a great place to fly. - Mel Ponton, Bloomsbury, NJ

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code NJ10

The FAA uses 'NJ10' for Dayton Heliport, South Brunswick, NJ

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re: Can't find this airport

This new location is certainly closer to Sliker Road.

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re: Can't find this airport

This certainly looks more convincing. I'll put it at the location you suggested, at least until we find more official information.

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re: Can't find this airport

I believe from speaking with locals that this is the correct location:

40 degrees 44' 56.64" N 74 degrees 51' 46.03" W

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my first airport

I learned to fly with Ernie at Trinca in a J-3 in 1961. Then I bought my Stinson 108 to take my license. I left Trinca and moved to another state. When I flew back, I was porposing. I asked Ernie to do some dual to find out the cause. He said I had been flying at too many paved airports and wasn't following the undulations of the runway. No more problem. I had the Stinson from Maine to San Diego. It's true, you can learn to fly well at Trinca, and have some fond memories to take with you. I still fly when I get a chance, and my son flies for Delta.

Bill Bundy

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re: Where it all began- ED GORSKI- Great GUY

Reply to @blueskyes:

Enjoyed reading about your Ed Gorski experiences ---I agree, good man!

I can see him again in the round concrete office saying "---hmm don't have enough money eh? --- ok build an airport symbol with a wind sock out there near the runway and we'll start teaching you to fly". That was in 1946 and I was back from 23 missions as flight engineer on B-24's in the South Pacific.

Ed's CFI Steve Bannister #33659 sat in the front of the Piper Cub puffing a cigar (no, really; blew smoke back over his shoulder in my face!) and we were off for "Familiarization, Climb, Glide, Turns, Coordinations" for 30 minutes. It's all right here in my log book that your fine write-up made me dig out -- Cub J3 -- 27056-- Cont 65 --- wonder if they are still renting it out.

After a later solo it was Ed that called me down in what you accurately described as a 'gruff' manner for flying over with rpm way too high!

On a later solo the engine died on final in one of his Cubs --- the telephone lines across the approach (since taken down) raised a question Bannister had not discussed with me --- over the wires or under the wires? --- I picked over and the wheels cleared by inches --- hmmm strange how the wheels get closer to those wires as the years go by.

Ed had worked with Amelia Earhardt at Teterboro and did big things in WWII according to a book on his life --- which is somewhere around the house here --- oh well.

Thanks for your memory stimulating words blueskyes.

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new website

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It has a nice park attached to it. Bring food and drinks (nothing to buy there) and enjoy the view of the lake and the little Piper Cubs landing on the grass runway. It's a great place to practice short field landings. There is water on both ends, so you can come rather low and cross the threshold lower that usual. All times I have been there, I never used more than half the runway for a complete stop.

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