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Teterboro Airport

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I fly my Warrior into KTEB frequently, but it's always from the north -- from that side, you can drop below NY approach airspace, and it's just a matter of calling up KTEB like any other towered airport. From the south, you might have to negotiate more-complex airspace, or make a big loop around.

When you're leaving, if you're VFR, tower will often let you cut ahead of the long line of bizjets and take an intersection departure.

Gas is expensive, but that's life near NYC. Call your FBO of choice first, and make sure you ask about *all* fees. I was surprised by a new customs fee on my last visit this past summer (since I was coming from Canada), but Atlantic very kindly and quickly refunded it.

Mon, 17 Sep 2012
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thinking about VFR from Norfolk to teterboro...first time into teterboro. bad idea? any recommendations on route?

Reply to @ptomblin: 8 gallons usable (10 total) in a Warrior is almost double the minimum day VFR reserve even at 75% power and ROP. Personally, I normally land at TEB with about 26 gal usable (28 total), but that's because I'm flying alone and take off from Ottawa with full tanks. When I fly to NYC with my whole family this summer, I'm going to have to keep the tanks a lot lower for W&B, and I can see touching down in TEB with only 10-12 gal usable if it's good VFR. IFR or night VFR is a different story, of course, as is flight over mostly-uninhabited terrain like Northern Quebec -- I like to land with 2 hours in the tanks in those situations.

As you know from your Archer time, another advantage of the Cherokee line is that there's no "both" fuel switch. My rule (which, fortunately, I've never had to invoke) is that if I ever do unexpectedly run one tank dry, I will treat it as an emergency -- something went wrong with my fuel system or my calculations -- and I will use the other tank only to make a precautionary landing at the nearest airport (or on a road or field if there's no airport within 15 minutes). A Cessna's "both" position doesn't give you that kind of warning: when you're dry, you're dry.

Reply to @prattsoplenty: If I put 40 gallons of fuel in a Warrior, I'd think I was doing a piss poor job of fuel management. Maybe people who do a lot more flying than I do like to get down that low, but I don't.

Reply to @david: Jet Aviation charges a ramp fee, for a single-engine Piper, $170 which can be waived if you purchase 40 gallons of 100LL (today's price was $9.34/gallon). So glad somebody else pays for my fuel!

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