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Bacchus Marsh Airport

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Mon, 03 Nov 2014
Anonymous flyer on Bacchus Marsh Airport view thread

There is a bbq to be held for the hangar owners at B/M this weekend. Kicking off around 11 am. All local aircraft owners & Hangar owners are welcome. Venue Paul K's hangar (opposite the Flying School)

Sat, 04 Jan 2014
Anonymous flyer on Bacchus Marsh Airport view thread

Hi all,

Came across this thread and trying to find some updated info. I have a Pitts and am wondering if there is any available hangarage in Bacchus Marsh? He doesn't take up much space!

Many thanks.

We welcome all pilots flying into our airport!

If you need to be in Melbourne for a short period of time, we are able to accommodate hangarage, providing your aircraft is suitable, (recreational aircraft only)

Our Avgas prices are either comparable to Point Cook or slightly cheaper, and it is correct, landing fees are waivered if you are refuelling, or getting hangarage for your short stay.


Bacchus Marsh Aero Association (Sec)

Sun, 23 Jan 2011
Anonymous flyer on Bacchus Marsh Airport view thread

Very nice wide, long and smooth runways (very nice strip indeed), no night lighting. Confirmed 520ft, aerodrome is just to the east of the dividing range, gets hilly very quickly to the west and controlled airspace is not too far to the south and east of the airfield. Avgas is available from the flying school, bowser is owned by them and cost is about average, for Avgas try this phone number - (03)53695162. Not very close to township, best get a ride to get to Bacchus Marsh township. Kind of sort of worth the taxi ride to town, not too touristy and a bit small, just a main street but big enough to entertain for an hour or two. Aerodrome charges to land but if you fuel up landing fee is free (or something like that). Lots of gliders on the weekends so expect a go-around or two.

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