Comment "ARCAL runway lighting issues" on Ottawa / Rockcliffe Airport, Canada

The antenna for the ARCAL type J (5 clicks) runway lighting is on the west side of the museum building. Because the huge museum building is in the way, it is difficult or impossible to activate the lighting on the ground in the east half of the field (including holding short for runway 27), so you may have to taxi to midfield to activate the lights first, then taxi back if you're departing from 27.

When approaching from the east in the air, you may also have trouble activating the lighting (unless you wait until mid-downwind). Approaching from the west, it should be much easier, since you have the antenna in line-of-sight.

That said, the ARCAL is very picky, and may take several attempts even when you have it in line of site. The flying club experimented with a lot of sensitivity settings last summer in an attempt to improve it, but with no luck. Just be patient and keep trying, or call UNICOM to see if anyone's still in the club to activate the lights for you.

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