Comment "LV sadly NOT GA Friendly - especially for visitors" on North Las Vegas Airport, United States

After being ignored by a handful of flight schools and rental facilities for my request of a rental 172 for a local excursion during a Vegas visit, the only place that did respond ended up dropping the customer service ball time after time making the experience a frustrating, pointless waste of time and money. I preparared for weeks in advance arranging rental insurance and providing every bit of documentation required of me to ensure a smooth transaction. The checkride went very well and the instructor and I hit it off immediately. I cancelled my flight the next day due to severe turbulence being reported by a 767 at my target altitudes. Perhaps that didn't go over so well since from that point on it was one flub after another. I attempted to arrange an escorted Grand Canyon flight only to have those plans utterly destroyed by miscommunication and a lack of planning by the instructor and staff at First Flight Aviation. When brainstorming ways to salvage the experience we came up with plenty of ideas but nothing was done by the staff to make any of them come to light. Three visits to the airport later and nothing more than a checkride to show for it, I've decided that I needn't bother with trip rentals casually. It's too bad, I had such great plans for this and subsequent trips.

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