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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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The airport has been completely rebuilt and has world class amenities. There is still not enough parking for cars and yes, I dont think there is any car parking facility for long term basis like a day or two. The AAI website says its still work in progress. All charges are hourly basis. However there is long term parking for bikes available. The charges are Rs 50 for 4 hours and 102 for 24 hours. However this a open parking and bike was left in the sun and rain for 3 days. I struggled for 20 min. to get it started!

Hosur and around city Business people, every common man travel about 100KM to access the BIAL.. Govt. can consider the practical difficulties and open the services at Hosur as soon to avoid time delays and economic waste + Increase of air pollution.

Thu, 25 Jun 2015
Anonymous flyer on Madurai Airport view thread

Considerable population travel from madurai to Gulf from TRIVANDRUM or TRICHY because of no international flight from Madurai. If started approx. 30% from Trivandrum, 30% from Trichy and 10% from Chennai travellers can easily opt to fly to Madurai as their Home city near Madurai. Expecting a positive update serve lot of travellers around Gulf

Wed, 17 Jun 2015


Very very worst toilets and sweepers especially ladies sweepers are using bad words and discussing about airport higher officials families Infront of all without any manners In international terminal while I was waiting for a flight. kindly teach them how to talk and behave with peoples.

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