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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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Fri, 01 Aug 2014

Can a pvt car be parked in Chennai airport parking lot for 3 days ? What wil be the charges for the same ? Can anyone reply authoritatively ?

Hi guys

Flight parking charges are 100rs for a 25 seater.

Thu, 12 Jun 2014
Anonymous flyer on Vellore Airport view thread

nowadays, vellore become a modern city. "Golden Temple"located at vellore city. its one of the most popular temple in India. Railway connection is very less in vellore. Airport will very useful to develop the city.

Tue, 10 Jun 2014
Anonymous flyer on Kayathar Airstrip view thread

This was constructed by English people hundred years back, for the benefit of fast transportation for their use. This has history as the peoples of near by villages are stayed there for years to built them. This has got a fueling point

Wed, 04 Jun 2014

UNBELIEVABLE...is the one word that comes to my mind when i think of parking my car in Chennai airport.I stayed inside the airport for exactly 10 min 35 seconds and i had to pay Rs.135 for those extra 35 SECONDS. Believe it or not, A guy can easily have 2 meals in Chennai with that money. India is not a country like the US or any other developed country for that matter.We are already burdened with taxes, corruption,fuel price hikes and not to mention the ever greedy and obnoxious autowallahs etc. How can we improve our living standards if we get ripped off like this every single day by so many factors. No wonder there is a huge amount of people moving out every year. If India wants to retain its talent and improve its economy, the government needs to know that siphoning off small change through taxes, price hikes etc will only f**k them up in the long run and they cannot afford to piss off the citizens who are the most important resource in the country. People are getting smarter every day and the day is closer where there will be a truly democratic government. Beware u babus, netas, sonia gandhi, modi, karunanidhi, jayalalitha. The INDIAN is aggressively rising to change the way the world looks at India. You can either help him in his endeavors or incur his wrath and get destroyed.

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