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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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Recently i traveled both Domestic and International via Chennai Airport. Airport Maintenance (Gents Toilet area) is very bad in Domestic terminal. No hand wash liquid, wet floor, carpet area in the gate area with lot of stain and not clean. International terminal departure gate area witnessed lot of pigeons (six to seven in numbers) flying inside the terminal.

Please send the AAI staff in Chennai Airport to go on Field trip to take a look at other airports that are maintained very well

(Hyderabad and Bangalore) and learn how to maintain the airport clean and tidy. if they are not efficient, Please remove them

from the job. Travelers flying via Chennai deserve better.

Thu, 11 Sep 2014
Anonymous flyer on Salem Airport view thread

Salem is all set expand its boundary and going to be 1.1 million population within the city limits. The metro population is around 1.3m. This is the time to reopen the Salem airport

Is Passenger flights are operating in this airport like vayudot etc.,?

Chennai Airport needs to be forcefully taken away from AAI and given to an efficient international operator. If any union intervenes, they should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal.

The coffee shops are ridiculosuly priced. Dip Tea costs Rs. 80!!!!! This is day light robbery. Even coffee/ tea at Heathrow or Fraport will not be this expensive, even if we consider PPP adjustments. The scanning machines take longer time, toilets are badly maintained, one has to walk long distances for everything. Passengers use this facility, just because they don't have a choice. If it were in competing distance from bangalore or hyderabad, it would badly loose all business and shut down automatically!

Fri, 01 Aug 2014

Can a pvt car be parked in Chennai airport parking lot for 3 days ? What wil be the charges for the same ? Can anyone reply authoritatively ?

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