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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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Tue, 08 Dec 2015

We arrived in January from Colombo early in the morning, and had a 5 hour wait for connecting flight.

I agree with previous comments, it is ridiculous that you cannot wait inside the terminal building, no access to toilet facilities, drinking water, seats. Nothing provided at all. A couple of outside catering carts, but nowhere to sit.

In general the most shitty airport I've ever been to, and I've been to a few!

Now our return flight back the other way.

Can we find out information about the recent floods ? Absolutely not, don't even know if the airport is open.

This is a complete joke, and we will ensure we NEVER return.

The director deepak shastri is as bad of a bureaucrat as you can get. This stooge was probably appointed by the previous corrupt government. He is very unprofessional and uses the Chennai Airports twitter handle @aaichnairport for his own purposes. Just go and read the tweets and you will be appalled. Any constructive tweets to the airport are met with hostility and curses. He also does not bother to update the Airport website even during these worst floods..not sent a single tweet about the airport status. Seeing his behavior I am not surprised why the airport is in such poor shape. The restrooms alone should be reason for this guy to be fired, but sadly he does not care because he won't be fired..so he can continue embarrassing India with this kind of operation. We Indians are helpless against these kind of government run facilities since no one is accountable.

Fri, 04 Dec 2015

To call this an international airport is a huge insult to every other airport in the country and in the world. I have travelled quite a bit to African and Pacific countries who have small airports and even those airports are of much better quality than Chennai airport. Corruption starts at the top and the head of the state, the Chief Minister should resign in shame to claim the airport to be international. Local contractors have built/extended the airport and they have no shame, much less the local government. They might try to hide under the excuse that it is the responsibility of the Union Government yet it is called the Chennai International Airport and the local government cannot shelter under any excuse. The airport is a disgrace and should be stripped of its standing as an international airport.

Chennai Airport remains closed till 6th Dec due to heavy rainfall & flood water is on airport runway.

So far no official communications about alternatives, this is natural disaster and all passengers planned trip to & from chennai suffering a lot .

talks are on to make naval base as temporary airport, please someone get the official communication updated here which will be useful for some traveller

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