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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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At no other airport IN THE WORLD have I ever experienced the obnoxious policy of no waiting indoors. What am I to do while I wait for my 2:16 am flight early the following morning? Wait on the curb. Easier said than done when you arrive in Chennai at 5:30 on an overnight train and want nothing more than to relax in air con and rest for the afternoon...rather than haul your luggage around the sticky city, killing time for the sake of killing time. This is bullshit. This is not a policy of international airports.

Sat, 10 Jan 2015
Anonymous flyer on Salem Airport view thread

Salem (Tamil nadu, India) is well connected with chennai, bangaluru, trichy, coimbatore & madurai.. By road way as well as by train except trichy and maduri. The all above cities are located at less than 200 as well as more than 140 km. This is the reason behind air connectivity fails... Salem city has more than 11 laks city population. Major industries like steel plants, sago industries, text tiles also one of the most business area around state as well as country. In future IT companies are going to occupy.. So we need flight connectivity for improving our city life style.. As of now we don't want direct connectivity flight to chennai. We need air connectivity. So think about possible way like kochin-chennai as kochin-salem-chennai. Similarly trivandrum-hyderabad as trivandrum-salem-hyderabad. I think this may work out... Because we don't have proper direct trains from salem to other part of state as well as country. But we have lot of train connectivity around our country. This is the fact of our city... Some thing we are looking for change...

Mon, 29 Dec 2014


Does any one have an idea about the full day parking system at Chennai air port. Does it even exist and if yes what do they charge??

Tue, 02 Dec 2014
Anonymous flyer on Ulundurpet Airstrip view thread

Pls start the airport working

Tue, 18 Nov 2014

What are the managers and officials doing?. Very worst rest room it's like pigs shed. We pay tax , entrance fees ,parking but they never consider people . need to take sever action.

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