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Airports in Tamil Nadu, India

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IN need of many flights coming to pondicherry


This is the third consecutive time I could clearly see difference in baggage weight during a check in. In all my last 3 travels my handbag is a standard one with a Laptop, charger and mobile accessories. I was very deliberate in noticing its weight each time which is 7,8,9.5 kg resp. This is very shocking that I couldn't believe it. Neither I have increased my material nor removed any. This gives me a great suspicion on machine functioning properly or people have calibrated.

Thu, 13 Mar 2014
Anonymous flyer on Salem Airport view thread

Salem is one of the most developing district like coimbatore and trichy.Salem has everything except air services.So please reatart the sevice again.

Today I had to drop my aged parents in Chennai domestic airport, I entered the airport at 6.24AM as I am entering the airport after renovation, instead of going thru the ramp went thru the normal route and got the parking slip (Gate 2). Asked my way to enter the ramp, entered the first floor departure terminal, no trollies were there, went to look out for the same and then after sending off my parents went to Gate 11 to exit the airport. The time taken between entry and exit was 10 min and 42 seconds, the counter person at parking gate said the parking charges is 135 since i have crossed 10 min (!!!!) rediculous. I tried explaining the person she was in no mood to listen, going by the best estimate, to take the cirucular route inside the airport took me 4.30min (no direction boards are there and had to depend on help from the staff available on the ground) and looking for trolly, dropping my parents, and waiting for the cab parked in front of me to move took 5min and the long overbridge ride was about 1min and waiting for the prev. car to exit the toll was around a min .. in all the entire time was around 11min ...

If such a high toll is collected is it not the responsibility of AAI or parking agency to ensure there are sufficient trollies at arrival gate? Also should they not ensure that there is no congestion on the departure gate by cabs etc. Can we not make the duration to 15 min which is reasonable considering the difficulties and you are not just going to drop your relatives / rather push them of the car etc.

AAI please review

This is the first airport i am seeing charging such exorbitant rate for a < 15 min stay within the airport even if the vehicle is NOT parked.

Sun, 09 Mar 2014
Anonymous flyer on Salem Airport view thread

Please open airport at salem

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