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Muscat to Trichy direct flight service

Hi sir my native is Mannargudi, working in Oman kindly arrange direct flight service for muscat to Trichy. A long time we are expecting this service

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Good Service, arrange for prepaid cab service online and price. Local people's are demanding more. Taking advantage due to distance from roadways. Transport corporation can arrange local commutes.

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Chennai domestic airport is one of the dirties airports

I am a frequent domestic traveler, i can say Chennai airport especially the toilets are really dirty with bad odor the maintenance staff is not doing their job.

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Good service

Please start Malayasia flight wait Long people

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(no subject)

Car parking for Individual car is 100 for 2 hours but they ask me 150 cheating Indian, Chennai airport.

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Parking fee scam at Trichy airport

Now a days in Trichy airport the contractors are looting the customers like any thing for parking. The free parking is 5 minutes, even if we come within five minutes, they are charging the fare. They are doing fraud with the timings. While entering the are giving a machine printed slips, while coming out, they are checking the time manually and telling the time exceeded more than five minutes.

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Airport work

Please start the airport work

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Why required now....

Now Tn govt increasing bus fare. They said central govt didn't give enough fund. In this situation why & how central govt renovating this sincerely.... What is the reason behind this.... Any one know.....

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world war 3

This airport was build in world war 2,they are renovating for 2018 world war 3

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(no subject)

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worst int airport in India

The toilets are filthy and mainly used by airport staff. Why is there not a separate toilet facility for staff? No special queue for Business passengers, both at Immigration & Security. No privileged lounge for Biz passengers. Same layouit as Domestic airport, badly built, badly finished, cheap. How much the contractors and politicians must have cheated!

François Gautier

French journalist

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(no subject)

i learned driving in this runway!

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Air port

Start the work soon

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Air port

Its a good news .ir is main palce of tamilnadu make fast

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(no subject)

Please Arakkonam New Airport & International New Airport Arakkonam

Travelling Arakkonam go to Bangalore Chennai Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Tiruchirappalli Madurai Coimbatore Thoothukudi and Cochin

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Please work start

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Need a Dubai or Frankfurt flight ...

I am flying to our city often from Europe. It is very tough to get an international connecting flights. It will be great if there is a Dubai or Frankfurt flight.

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Chennai kuudhi airport parking

Parking pundaya da nadathuringa. Taevidiya pasangala. Endha polapuku vunga pondatiya kuuti kudunga da.

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Airport staff unprofessional behaviour - Gulf Air

I reached 45 min prior to counter open and there is a queue formed for Gulf Air. The time was 2:15am. There is some Airport Staff came around 3:00am and suddenly opened a counter next to thw queue and asked those passenger came late and standing at last to check in first. On other words to say they reversed the queue

I raised my voice against it. Those cunning staff when I reach for check in they split my ticket from my family and told flight is full there is no three seats available together even though only few passengers crossed me

Because of I raised my voice against there unprofessional behaviour they revenged me

This is a very worst attitude, try to give priority for passengers travelling with family especially kids

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Parking fee board..never seen

Why is it the conteactor never puts a board on fee for parking at entrance and exit. Bad practises lead to extortion. Time to change the contractor.

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Staff without ID AND UNIFORM

The staff @car parking and exit are rude and don't wear ID

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vellore air port

me, all requrest .vellore is very largest city and metro city.vellore very very importent for airport. developed vellore air port.vellore forts,vit univercity student out of countrys.

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Parking Cheating

I went to pickup my relative at 1.30AM and I came to know that the flight was delayed by 45mins, thought it would take more than hour for them to come out and collect baggage, as house is near by came out of the parking area and pulled the car at the side to call home to keep the gate open. During this time the van came and locked my car saying I can't park. Even though I was inside told him that I parked to take a call, he did not listen and he used some abused words, also threatened that I will not be able to take car till morning. Then I went to toll booth and the guy over there was not listening and telling me that I used abused words and charged me Rs. 500 for parking the car in no parking area. There is no sign for no parking and not sure this huge amount for no parking fine at airport. This complete cheating and the receipt that he gave me for fine does not have any information for complaint. This is complete cheating, can any one direct me to make a complaint on this to appropriate people

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Salem airport reopen quik

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Salem to chennai chep flight

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Very important move from TN Govt

Jayalalitha proposed in 2014 and success is here "timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/domestic-airport-in-tamil-nadu-for-benglureans/articleshow/59141188.cms." Good Move and its right time to take Hosur Airport to higher standards.

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(no subject)

My Home town airport. Need atleast 1 flight to Dubai or Frankfurt to connect rest of the world.

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Good decision taken by the government of TN for hosur airport Hosur

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I want salem to chennai non stop flight in low price

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Chennai Airport OFFICIAL website is silent about PARKING facility and charges. What are the 36h or full-day charges at Airport? No one can find out from available official information

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I had used free 10min parking in Chennai Airport many times. Not once, I paid the Rs.135 so many are complaining about. I ensured: 1) Take the Token/Ticket at entry and CHECK the IN TIME correctly. 2) Exit before 10min clearly.

Dont complain if you stay 10min 22 sec. It is chargeable! We are so accustomed to little freebee (at street side vegetable shop) that for us 10min == 1hr also!!

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Hosur airport

Hosur is a big industrial city. We need domestic airport for hosur. Flight services are want to near by cities

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Hosur airport

Hosur is a big industrial city. we need domestic airport for hosur.

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Need of The Hour - Gateway of South India Chennai needs Sup

Vellore is one among fastest developing metro city in India as per Mckinsey report

Being a potential city lies in-between silicon valley of India (Bangalore) and Detroitte of India (Chennai) , it's a premier center for medical hub, education hub and India's 40% of finished leather products are exported from Vellore ,wherein through out from India and across the world people are visiting Vellore regularly ,recent days Tourism is booming up due to golden Temple and Fort , So it's high time Airport authority should start the proposed project without any delay .Vellore will decongest the Air traffic in Chennai and Bangalore if Airport comes into operation .

Awaiting for the newly proposed Airport project which has been approved by state and central government .

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Salem Airport Must be Operate soon for salem people...

As people from salem mainly use either Bangalore or chennai or cochin to board flights to travel to abroad especially UAE/Qatar/Saudi/Oman.

And within india like Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Visakhapatnam also using same airport to board flight which are mentioned above.

Already there are many airlines companies are operating daily service from Bangalore/chennai/hyderabad to cochin which are priced as low 1000-2000rs even though seats are not full every time except main holidays.

And same flights/airlines will operate same via salem at least weekly thrice as below mentioned route it's very helpful for salem people and also budget airlines can gain profit.

Proposal route via salem.

1. Cochin to Chennai via Salem.

Chennai to Cochin via salem.

2. Cochin to Bangalore via Salem.

Bangalore to Cochin via salem.

3. Cochin to Hyderabad via salem.

Hyderabad to Kochi via salem.

As of now there are daily 2volvo buss are going to hyderabad and cochin from salem which are fully booked and sometimes can't get ticket too and price are 2000Rs.

If we have above routes as mentioned would be very helpful.


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Hi good airport But wait Long time Singapore &malaysia direct flight please do as soon as possible

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SALEM Airport: A win-win proposal cochin-salem-chennai and v

As a city,salem has good potential,atleast for weekly thrice flights to mumbai and delhi as people from salem use either banglore,coimbatore and chennai to board flights to these main metros.Daily flight to mumbai via hyderabad would be really a viable option.Also coichin-chennai daily flight of airindia and other private operator could be used as coichin-salem-chennai and vice versa.by using coichin-salem-chennai,salem passenger travelling to southeast asian countries could use chennai as boarding point,and also could use cochin as boarding point for travelling to destinationsin middle east countries.

so,10chennai-salem-cochin and cochin-salem-chennai will be a Win-Win model for both salem passenger as well as airline.moreover,RCS scheme of cent govt will encourage too for airline operators to connect salem.

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Plz start abudhabi to madurai flight services regularly,bcoz there's so many south tamil peoples are living,if you start the service so many peoples will get benefits for this service

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Serpentine long ques

Try the security check in ques at chennai airport at around 6 am and it's guaranteed that you have to snake your way through a Q that stretches a kilometre. No need for a morning walk or getting an adrenaline rush, this is the place. Horrible and it is just not being addressed by Airport management, CISF

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Visitors allowed?

Is it possible to have a visitors during boarding?

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Chennai Airport Parking Cost

I went yest to pick my brother. Car parking charges are Rs.150 for first 2 hours.

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The amount of announcements that the chennai airport makes is so annoying. When most of the metro stations have shut all announcements I don't understand why chennai can't follow the same. If I have halt in chennai I cnt even shut my eyes for a second. I travel all over the world and this is the worst airport to have a halt. Pre boarding post boarding last call is made 100 times. And the staff of all the airlines are shouting as if they are in some rally.

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