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It is inhumane to subject the residents to deafening noises

I live at Choa Chu Kang and recently planes were flying from morning to night. And that is not the worst part of it. They were flying very very close to the rooftop of HDB blocks. I do understand the importance of security. BUT SECURITY is not everything and citing security is not sufficient to ear rape the residents with no thoughts given to how we might deal with those noises that affect us very badly. I believe if officials were serious about public's sentiment and health, they would have devised ways to minimize the sound. But they very acts by mindef seems to suggest they do not pay a single mind to it. Just cry 'security' and everyone will be forced to accept it. is this how you guys think? military mindset breeds arrogance, I am sure. but this is too much. let people live in peace at night. they work like cows every single day. you have a brain and use it to think.

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Immigration nightmare

My wife and daughter decided to go on a 4 day holiday to Singapore while I was working away in Abu Dhabi.

After having a fantastic time of seeing all the sights, it was now time to fly back home. When they got to the airport, this is where their nightmare started.

My daughter went through immigration with no problem but my wife got datained. She was accused of travelling on false documents. She had her phone and other personal belongings confiscated and was locked in a room. She was not allowed to make a phone call.

I had a call from my daughter who was in tears telling me that Mom had been arrested by immigration and she no longer had contact with her. My daughter had been advised to travel on alone which she did.

My wife then faced 8 hours of interrogation during which time she missed her flight. She was accused of having a false passport and every time she tried to speak she was shouted at.

I have to add that Passports are almost impossible to fake as they all have an electronic chip so a false passport would be easily detected. It is a total mystery why these fabricated charges happened.

They told my wife that she will be free to go but first they escorted her to the ticket desk where she had to buy another air ticket for the last flight of that day. After she purchased the ticket, they escorted her back and locked her in the holding cell for another one and a half hours while they processed release papers.

She then left Singapore on that last flight.

My wife and daughter have both been left very traumatised by this experience and feel reluctant do do any more travelling.

I have since looked on the internet about Singapore immigration staff and the list of complaints against them is endless.

It is my opinion that the Singapore immigration officers are doing severe damage to Singapore's tourist industry.

Because of these crazy accusations, my wife missed her flight and then had to purchase another ticket. Surely it should have been the responsibility of the immigration officers to pay for this as it was their fault she missed her flight.

I have emailed Singapore immigration and discussed this with their Deputy Commander Ground Ops Colin Tan who has said that he needs my understanding about this but the questions he has not answered are as follows:

1 Why was my wife arrested on the way out of Singapore?

2 What on earth made you think her passport was fake?

3 Why was her embassy not informed?

4 Why was she not allowed to make a phone call?

5 Why did she have to pay for another flight when that was your responsibility?

We never intend to go back to Singapore and we strongly advise all tourists to stay away.

Thank you for taking the time to read

Brett Wilson

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Any news about ILS?

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Seletar Airport ILS

ILS should be operational end-2014.

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get information

i have family that fly from hongkong to singapore at this mornming (20-04-2014) but i don know what plane that they use, i just want to know about can we get information about that?

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psycology hazard

i am heated by this cheating feom property agent as im looking for a silent place for my child to study.evetually got this sickening bloody place with the roaring sound frim the nearby airbase.wonder why the authourity allow thus lit of land to be residential .are there any rational study of human factor.worse a week ago i learn of the minister announce the concern of ergonomic hazard.this is a good eg. that exceed easily 120 dBa with interval of 6 to 7 burst at interval of probably 7 second.sometime easily get above our threshold that means mad.

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Tengah Air Base

At least publish a general guide on the areas the planes will be flying through, then at least common folks can choose wisely

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re: air plane noise

How bad is the noise? There is a BTO opposite of Jurong Junior College, and I am considering applying it. Any advise?

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air plane noise

I stay in CCK. Beside the noise on some weekday and nights, even Saturday afternoon, the noise was so loud that my 22mth child ran to me in fright. I am expected to deliver second child soon, worried the baby may get frighten by the noise.

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re: air plane noise after 8pm

I can't agree more,very very noisy everyday,I regret to buy the flat in Boonlay already.

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re: air plane noise after 8pm

ya, i agreed. it is so noisy and irritating. sometimes it is already 10+pm and they are still flying. Really regret to buy a flat there

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air plane noise after 8pm


I'm resident at jurong west st 65, and recently the air plane / fighter activities is very very annoying send last over half and hours after 8pm.

my kids are sick and another is having exam, can't the air plane activities ended earlier or reduce the later evening activities? the noise produced has been causing a serious pollution for my family. kindly consider the residence for a piece of quietness! !

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Best place ever

I've gotten soo much sucky sucky around this airport. I will not stop taking the flights that go here.

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Complain about Fighter Jets Overheads

I'm a resident of The Centris & have moved in for 3 years now. After the kite flying activity was stopped, the jets are flying lower.

Initially, the fighter jets were flying much higher in altitude but nowadays they are screaming over my Penthouse unit in Block 75.

Can you tell your pilots to fly higher? Thanks - Michael Lee (The Centris, block 75 #16-26)

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Wowwww....How this airport has changed from my wonderful memories of it flying the RAF's AVRO Shackleton aircraft out of there from 1957 to 1960.......and the RAF's Handley Page MK4 (VIP) aircraft (the private aircraft of the British Commander-in-Chief Far East - Adm Sir David LUCE) from 1961 to 1964. THREE parallel runways now no less. What a wonderful airport now INDEED. Think the Control Tower is located just about where we used to take our young children swimming on 'Changi Beach'? See my website at: www dot G3LMO dot com


Nev Cooper (Long since retired RAF (VIP) Master Aircrew).

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re: New terminal open

Reply to @david:

this is the best airport and airline i have been to.

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Sembawang Air Base

Sembawang Air Base's call, is supported by its logo's motif - rotor blades in a circle borne by a wing and crowned with a red bayonet.

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I heard there will be an ILS approach in the near future

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RUNWAY 21---VFR---210ΒΊ

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Now used by the Coast Guard

The naval base closed in 2000, and the heliport is now used by the Singapore Coast Guard.

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Mainly helicopters

The Wikipedia article mentions only helicopter squadrons based here now, but the satellite photos still show well-maintained runways, so there might be some fixed-wing traffic as well.

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New terminal open

Terminal 3 opened on 9 January 2008. It has 28 gates, including eight designed to handle the Airbus A380:

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Simply the best

Arguably the best international airport in the world, ahead of Hong Kong then Sydney.

And I dare say home to the best airline in the world as well (SQ), which I believe is no coincidence !

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