AAP weather

Aappilattoq (Qaasuitsup) Heliport
Qaasuitsup, Greenland

Public forecast

Using degrees Celsius for public forecast. Weather courtesy of forecast.io.

Closest aviation weather report (METAR) to Aappilattoq (Qaasuitsup) Heliport

Report is more than 6 hours old.

Closest report is Upernavik Airport, 11.1 nm (20.6 km) WSW. Retrieved 2014/07/24 10:50 UTC (5 years ago):

BGUK 241050Z 11002KT 0400 -DZ PRFG VV007 08/08 Q1015

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Aappilattoq (Qaasuitsup) Heliport

Closest forecast is Pond Inlet Airport, 395.4 nm (732.3 km) W. Retrieved 2019/10/19 13:42 UTC (13 minutes ago):

TAF CYIO 191238Z 1913/2001 24005KT P6SM -SN BKN015 OVC030 TEMPO 1913/2001 P6SM NSW FEW015 BKN030 BECMG 1915/1917 17005KT RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS NXT FCST BY 191900Z