YAB weather

Arctic Bay Airport
Arctic Bay, Nunavut, Canada

Public forecast

Using degrees Celsius for public forecast. Weather courtesy of forecast.io.

Current aviation weather report (METAR) for Arctic Bay Airport

Report is more than 6 hours old.

Retrieved 2019/10/21 20:00 UTC (14 hours ago):

CYAB 212000Z 10030G42KT 10SM DRSN FEW004 FEW017 SCT025 BKN043 M00/M03 A2979 RMK SC1SC1SC2SC4 SC TR VIS NE SE 5 BLSN CIG ESTD SLP092

Aviation forecast (TAF) for Arctic Bay Airport

Forecast is more than 12 hours old.

Retrieved 2019/10/21 19:00 UTC (15 hours ago):

TAF CYAB 211838Z 2119/2122 08020G30KT P6SM FEW015 BKN025 OVC050 TEMPO 2119/2122 5SM -SN BKN015 OVC025 RMK NXT FCST WILL BE ISSUED AT 221245Z