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Lack of seating at gates.

Lack of seats in U.S terminal for passengers waiting to board. Pity because there is enough room to double the seating capacity in the terminal.

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Airline Market Share

What is the Split in movements between WS and AC annually?

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Best Systems Ever

This airport has the best systems I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure they have a great Business Analyst behind most of them

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No longer free 20 min

Too bad, used it ALOT. But there's the cell lot now so that works just as well

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One of my favourites

A well-laid out airport, acceptable length of security lines, and the prices at the restaurants are basically the same as off-airport. Parking is free for the first 30 minutes - a wonderful bonus when just dropping by to pick up a passenger.

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Nice Scenery

Lot's of hot women in Calgary. Most of them are married, but that's okay! I'm cool with that. I can keep a secret.

The jet fuel tastes funny in Calgary.

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