NOTAMS for Mont Joli Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM K0447/21: Mont Joli Airport (CYYY)

K0447/21 NOTAMR K3691/20 Q) CZUL/QOBCE/IV/M/AE/000/999/4837N06812W005 A) CYYY B) 2102192046 C) 2105192100 EST E) TREES 950FT BFR THR 06 AND 300FT SE EXTENDED RCL 21FT AGL 170FT AMSL CREATED: 19 Feb 2021 20:46:00 SOURCE: CYHQYNYX

NOTAM K0149/21: Mont Joli Airport (CYYY)

K0149/21 NOTAMN Q) CZUL/QFAXX/IV/NBO/A/000/999/4837N06812W005 A) CYYY B) 2101191858 C) PERM E) AMEND PUBLICATIONS: OPR: AD HR OF OPS TO READ: 1130-0100Z (DT 1030-0000Z) MON-FRI, 1200-2230Z (DT 1100-2130Z) SAT, 12-23Z (DT 11-22Z) SUN EXC HOLS, O/T 2 HR PN, CALL OUT CHG. RCR TO READ: OPR CRFI. WIN MAINT 10-02Z (DT 09-01Z) MON-FRI, 1430-2300Z (DT 1330-2200Z) SUN EXC HOLS NOV 15-APR 15, O/T 2 HR PPR 418-732-8231, CALL OUT CHG. RWY 15/33 CLSD NOV 01-MAY 01, AVBL AS TWY BTN RWY 06/24 AND TWY A. CREATED: 19 Jan 2021 18:58:00 SOURCE: CYHQYNYX