Räyskälä Airfield

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Please correct the airport name!

The name is actually Räyskälä, not Rayskala

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1. Extensive aerial sporting activities (GLD, PJE, ultralight aircraft activity etc.). Winch launching may occure. Avoid flying over the aerodrome below 4000 FT. It is recommended to monitor FREQ 122.650 MHZ when approaching the aerodrome within 10 KM/6 NM.

2. Take-offs and landings with power driven aricraft are allowed at the aerodrome MON-FRI 0900-1900 LMT and SAT-SUN 0900-1800 LMT. Restrictions do not concern SAR flights or fire fighting operations or operations with similar reasons.

3. The simultaneous use of crossing runways is prohibited.

4. The simultaneous use of parallel runways for take-off should be avoided.

5. RWY 08R/26L and RWY 12L/30R are primarily used for winch launchings or glider towings.

6. Landing gliders and aicraft towing gliders primarily use the areas marked on LDG chart .

7. Parachute jumpers are expected to land on the area marked on LDG chart.

8. For take-off and landing other power driven aircraft activity is expected to use the parallel runway, which is not used for glider towing.

9. Parking space for aircraft is available in front of the hangar. For other parking possibilities prior permission is required from the aerodrome operator or other authorized person.

10. Aerodrome may be entirely or partly closed due to various events. Check availability (NOTAM) before the flight and observe special caution.

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