Turweston Airport

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Runway dimension update

The length of 09/27 is 1309 m. The Pooleys entry of 1307 m is to be updated.

The distance between the painted thresholds is 1000 m as this is the longest a licensed runway can be with a width of 23 m.

However 09/27 is now unlicensed. This means the full length of 1309 m is available for take-off and landing,

From the Turweston website 12 April 2023:

Turweston Aerodrome has tarmac and grass runways

These are designated

09/27 hard

09/27 grass

03/21 grass

The circuits are 09 – left hand and 27 – right hand

03 – right hand and 21 left hand

The marked 09 threshold is displaced by 210m and the 27 threshold by 99m

The tarmac runway is 1,309m x 23m with a declared distance of 1,000m between threshold bars, but as an unlicensed runway the distance of 1300m is available for take off or landing if required.

TORA 09 from B intersection is 900m

09/27 grass has an available length of 800m x 23m

03/21 grass has an available length of 460m x 23m

Picture of Richard747

Runway update

Runway dimensions have been update from Turweston website, Pooleys and SkyDemon. There is conflicting data on asphalt runway 09/27.

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