NOTAMS for Malbork Military Air Base

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM F1700/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F1700/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QCPAS/I /BO /A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2303201516 C) 2303230900 E) PAR SERVICE MALBORK PRECISION NOT AVBL. CREATED: 20 Mar 2023 15:16:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F1697/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F1697/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QSPLC/IV/BO /AE/000/095/5356N01916E021 A) EPMB B) 2303201500 C) 2303210800 E) APP NOT AVBL. CREATED: 20 Mar 2023 14:57:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F1691/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F1691/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QMPLC/IV/BO /A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2303210600 C) 2303211500 E) ACFT STANDS FM NR 11 TO NR 14 ON APRON A NOT AVBL. CREATED: 20 Mar 2023 13:21:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F1683/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F1683/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QSTLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2303201400 C) 2303210600 D) 1400-1500 2000-0600 E) TWR NOT AVBL EXC QUICK REACTION ALERT, EMERG, GARDA AND SAR FLT. CREATED: 20 Mar 2023 12:23:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F1066/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F1066/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QPICH/I /NBO/A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2302231148 C) 2305172359 E) CHANGE OF ALTITUDE VALUES AT PROCEDURES: ILS Z OR LOC RWY25, ILS Y OR LOC RWY25, NEW FAP (FAF LOC) VALUE 1610FT (1592FT). CREATED: 23 Feb 2023 11:52:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F0761/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F0761/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QFATT/IV/BO /A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2303230000 C) 2304062359 E) TRIGGER NOTAM - MIL AIP AIRAC AMDT 03/23 WEF 23 MAR 2023. -PAR, APP, TWR FREQ 128.500 MHZ WITHDRAWN. CREATED: 09 Feb 2023 12:16:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F0617/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F0617/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QMPLC/IV/BO /A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2302021425 C) 2304021430 E) REF. SUP MIL 01/23 (MIL AD4 EPMB) ACFT STANDS NR 16 AND 17 ON APRON A OPENED. CREATED: 02 Feb 2023 14:25:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM F0540/23: Malbork Military Air Base (EPMB)

F0540/23 NOTAMN Q) EPWW/QMNLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5402N01908E005 A) EPMB B) 2301300807 C) 2303300800 E) APRON B CLAS EXC. ACFT BASED ON AD. CREATED: 30 Jan 2023 08:08:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN