Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

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You can spend the night there

I had an early flight and slept inside the airport. Besides the restaurant, which is close during the night, you can sleep there in a comfortable way. You can get to the airport from downtown Gdansk for about 1 euro (4.8 sloti). I The journey takes about 40 minutes. The bus is number 210.

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Borsk is operational airstrip

Borsk Airstrip EPBO is operational. Most of the time used by paragliders due to perfect conditions so caution is required on arrival.

Contact B4 arrival is appreciated. Very nice hosts and beatuiful area.

Runway pawed partially shortened from W marked with ->.

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Visit to Malbork Air Force Base, former Marienburg in Ostpre

The Flying Veterans of Sweden visited the air base om August 1, 2013 with our DC-3 and were welcomed by a Su 22 which did some aerobatics over the field. There were talks about an air show at the base some time in September this year.

Anyone who can fill me in?

Lars Cedwall

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airport has everything you need after landing-easy connection to the city,nice ,sufficient and not expensive service,

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