Mirosławice Private Airport

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pilot 2015

no landing/handling fees. Avgas 100ll is available-low price. At the airport, cheap hotel. You can also find other hotels close to the airport.

There is also a service station aircraft. No need to pre-announce your arrival. frequency 122.6 MHz.

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runways are 09-27 and 17-35.

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re: Runways

To załóż konto i dodaj.

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Main runways in use are 09/27 (~900m) and 18/36 (~800m). Both runways are in quite good shape but bumpy. After heavy rain water patches can be present.

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Fuel is not yet available at Miroslawice airfield. The fuel station is a work in progress and should be completed by the end of 2012.

If you need to refuel without any problems go to EPLU (~25 NM NW, no landing/handling fees) or to EPWR (few miles to the North. Expect landing and handling fees).

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