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First and foremost this is a good news; with the recent development is it possible to see Kenyans from all over coming to work in Isiolo? A new modern City is on making. I also would like to bring into attention some of Isiolo best coming up with ideas and putting up a website to inform people about Isiolo on their own expense can not be taken for granted and those are the forces to reckon with you can check the website at

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Texas International airport

Da airport will certainly open up the nothern fronteer economically , socially, politically e.t.c. The effects of da airport is juz grt. By Ichaba a.k.a masta

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Isiolo International aArport

I see that works have stated for the construction of Isiolo International Airport. According to information by Daily Nation the runway is reported to be 1.4 Km. instead of 2 km as previously planned. The latter could accept more and biggest airplanes from far destinations, besides the two km runway could be sufficient for war plains in case of emergency due to instability of global politic that is unpredictable. Kshs 610m are not much for such an airport and the Government of Kenya is advised to plan well this first phase; yes, I would like to call it โ€˜first phaseโ€™ since, observing the other airports history, an extension, as a rule, ought to be considered. Besides I see that local problems have taken over the common interest of all Kenyans, since the airport could located in Kampi Garba area without squishing in the present site that noise pollution can destroy the new โ€˜Las Vegasโ€™ as someone likes to call the future Isiolo, and avoiding the noise pollution, already protected by the Constitution. Anyway the airport is very welcome for the progress of all Kenyans not basically for the local peopleโ€™s benefit.

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isiolo international airport

the runway 2 kilometers is not in accordance to international standard; 2 Km only for light aircrafts, not for heavy aircrafts therefore Isiolo cannot be called International Airport. Needed 2.800 meters, minimum.The strong wind direction blowing 6 months a year must be considered since the present airstrip is caught by wind laterally, posing problems to planes for landing and taking off. The wind carries considerable dust damaging engines aircrafts. Intense forestation is need on the left side to stop dust. Tarmac and trees are a necessity to all town roads to prevent dust in the town.

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re: isiolo international airport

Google map of Isiolo town is not updated since a few years, many new buildings are unknown. Need of today updating

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re: isiolo international airport

Take it up with Google. Nothing we can do about it.

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