Weather at Campo di Volo "Air Patria"

Public forecast

Using degrees Celsius for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

Closest aviation weather report (METAR) to Campo di Volo "Air Patria"

Closest report is Grazzanise Air Base, 8.1 nm (15.0 km) N.

2023/03/20 21:55 (retrieved 1 hour ago)

LIRM 202155Z 03003KT 9999 SCT030 SCT060 11/11 Q1017

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Campo di Volo "Air Patria"

Closest forecast is Naples International Airport, 10.7 nm (19.8 km) ESE.

2023/03/20 18:00 (retrieved 5 hours ago)

TAF LIRN 201700Z 2018/2118 VRB06KT 9999 SCT020 BKN050 TEMPO 2018/2020 4000 TSRA TEMPO 2020/2106 4000 SHRA