5R4 weather

Foley Municipal Airport
Foley, Alabama, United States

Public forecast

Using degrees Fahrenheit for public forecast. Weather courtesy of forecast.io.

Closest aviation weather report (METAR) to Foley Municipal Airport

Closest report is Jack Edwards Airport, 8.4 nm (15.5 km) S. Retrieved 2020/07/10 09:15 UTC (1 hour ago):

KJKA 100915Z AUTO 28014G19KT 10SM OVC014 28/26 A2997 RMK AO2 T02760256

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Foley Municipal Airport

Forecast is more than 12 hours old.

Closest forecast is Pensacola Naval Air Station/Forrest Sherman Field, 20.3 nm (37.6 km) ESE. Retrieved 2014/03/28 15:06 UTC (6 years ago):

TAF TAF COR KNPA 281500Z 2815/2915 10012G18KT 6000 RA BR VCTS SCT005 BKN015CB OVC040 QNH2994INS TEMPO 2815/1817 VRB30G45KT 1200 TSRAGS BR BKN005 OVC010CB FM281700 15014G22KT 9000 BR VCSH SCT008 BKN025 OVC060 QNH2978INS TEMPO 2817/2900 VRB20G30KT 3200 SHRA BR VCTS BKN008 OVC025CB FM290006 17012G18KT 8000 BR VCSH BKN008 BKN025 OVC060 QNH2980INS TEMPO 2900/2906 3200 RA BR BKN004 OVC008 FM290600 21008G14KT 6000 BR VCSH BKN004 OVC015 QNH2976INS TEMPO 2906/2911 VRB25G35KT 1600 TSRA BR SCT005 BKN015CB OVC030 FM291142 22008KT 9999 VCTS BKN008 OVC025CB QNH2982INS TEMPO 2913/2915 VRB15G25KT 3200 SHRA BR VCTS SCT008 BKN025CB OVC060 TX22/2823Z TN18/2912Z FN00078 COR 1602