Weather at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport

Public forecast

Using degrees Fahrenheit for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

Current aviation weather report (METAR) for Ann Arbor Municipal Airport

2024/05/29 18:53 (retrieved 22 minutes ago)

KARB 291853Z 01010KT 10SM FEW037 SCT050 BKN100 19/13 A3007 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT S SLP182 T01890128

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Ann Arbor Municipal Airport

Closest forecast is Willow Run Airport, 9.6 nm (17.8 km) E.

2024/05/29 18:42 (retrieved 33 minutes ago)

TAF KYIP 291740Z 2918/3018 35007KT P6SM SCT025 BKN060 OVC150 TEMPO 2918/2919 36011G20KT 6SM -TSRA SCT025 BKN035CB FM300000 01010KT P6SM FEW050 FM300300 35004KT P6SM SKC FM301600 32008KT P6SM FEW060