Weather at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Public forecast

Using degrees Fahrenheit for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

Current aviation weather report (METAR) for Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

2024/06/19 19:55 (retrieved 1 hour ago)

KGSB 191955Z AUTO 13009G18KT 10SM SCT065 33/15 A3025 RMK AO2 SLP246 T03310146

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Closest forecast is Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Field, 17.2 nm (31.9 km) E.

2024/06/19 18:22 Ammendment (retrieved 3 hours ago)

TAF KISO 191720Z 1918/2018 10008KT P6SM BKN045 FM200000 11007KT P6SM FEW150 FM200600 VRB03KT P6SM SCT035 FM201200 09007KT P6SM FEW070 AMD LTD TO CLD VIS AND WIND