NOTAMS for Piedmont Municipal Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM 11/454: Piedmont Municipal Airport (KPYN)

!STL 11/454 PYN OBST TOWER LGT (ASN 2021-ACE-8636-OE) 370956N0904207W (2.4NM NNE PYN) 1058FT (314FT AGL) U/S 2211301553-2301141553 CREATED: 30 Nov 2022 15:53:00 SOURCE: PYN

NOTAM 11/447: Piedmont Municipal Airport (KPYN)

!STL 11/447 PYN OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1004875) 370253.20N0902934.40W (11.5NM ESE PYN) 1125.0FT (424.9FT AGL) U/S 2211300835-2302280500 CREATED: 30 Nov 2022 08:35:00 SOURCE: PYN

NOTAM 11/401: Piedmont Municipal Airport (KPYN)

!STL 11/401 PYN OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1271142) 372218.10N0904132.50W (14.8NM NE PYN) 1121.1FT (250.0FT AGL) U/S 2211271446-2302152359 CREATED: 27 Nov 2022 14:48:00 SOURCE: KSTLYFYX

NOTAM 11/219: Piedmont Municipal Airport (KPYN)

!STL 11/219 PYN OBST TOWER LGT (ASN 2022-ACE-1827-OE) 372150N0904147W (14.3NM NE PYN) 1076FT (315FT AGL) U/S 2211141650-2212292359 CREATED: 14 Nov 2022 16:51:00 SOURCE: KSTLYFYX