Cuatro Vientos Airport

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Madrid fees

Been to LECU (or LECV in order to get METAR/TAF) and here the landing fees for this airport:

Passengers: 1x 2.62€ + 21% VAT

Weather (we never get it): 0.41€ + 21% VAT

Airport security: 3.78€ + 21% VAT

Landing fee: 6.60€ + 21% VAT

Parking fees (3 days): 60€ + 21% VAT

Use of infrastructure (!): 0.61€ + 21% VAT

Service air traffic airport (?): 4.86€ + 21% VAT

Done the 29th of March 2104

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Can you fly Radio Controlled aircraft at this airport?

I fly large (2m wingspan) RC electric aircraft - is there a club or facility to fly at Quatro Vientos airport? I live in Tres Cantos!

Adrian Broadbent

0034 91 66 305 1142

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Great location to visit Madrid but very busy. Taxi 30€ to downtown or 10 € to the closest subway

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re: IATA code?

Reply to @pak21: The 2008 ICAO publication doesn't list any corresponding IATA code for this airport, so I've deleted it. Thanks for catching it.

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IATA code?

How sure are we about the IATA code here? Most sources seem to give MCV as being McArthur River Mine Airport, Australia.

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Two ICAO codes

This airport has two ICAO codes: LEVS as a military airport, and LECU as a civilian airport.

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