Moron Air Base
Morón, Andalucía, Spain

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re: Moron AFB, circa 1964

Hey, I was stationed at Moron AFB 1961-1962 3973 csg Base Comm. Our barracks was right across from the base chapel, end of our barracks faced the motor pool and flight line. Is anyone out there who in base comm or during the same time period. Would be fun to talk to some old buddies. Alive in well in Bellingham,Washington A1c Paul Vodopich

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Moron AFB, circa 1964

I also was at Moron AFB in support of RF-101C Voodoos from the 38th TRS out of Ramstein, of the 66th TRW then in Laon France, for a NATO winter excercise circa 1964. Great place to get away from the dank German weather in the winter. The Spanish AF was still flying F-86's (not Gina's). They would do endless practice dive-bombing runs as we sunned ourselves from the roof of the barracks. Saw one fail to pull out of his dive. Seems that was not an unusual occurance. Have fond memories of a nice and lovely Spanish gal by the name of Signorita Caridad Romero, who sang at the Airman's club. Our airplane by the way wound up in "Upper Haystack", shortly after the US got kicked out of France due to one of our planes buzzing Charley DeGaule's Nuke Plant. About the same time we transitioned to RF-4C's and most of our pilots went to SE Asia, where several got shot down. I salute Capt. Grubs who did not survive captivity. The flight to/from Moron was in the Wing's Gooney bird, which was later converted to a "Q" model Spook Ship and also served in SE Asia.

Fond memories.

Luc Martini

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Nice place to visit

I flew in here and back out in my only C-124 rides back in 1969. I was supporting our RF-101 Vodoos based at Upper Heyford, UK and one had an air refuelingproblem. I grabbed my tools and tester, flew down here on "Old Shakey", fix the problem aircraft in 5 minutes flat and spent the rest of a lovely week waiting for another "Shakey" flight back to the cold and dreariness of "Upper Haystacks". Moron is near the city of Seville and also quite close to the Rock of Gibraltar. Lovely countryside and people.

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