Lesce Airfield

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Lesce Airfield is the home base for 3 OurAirports members. It has had 12 visitors.

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Great location with great restaurant too.

This airfield is in a stunning location and has a new, highly regarded restaurant. So come visit!

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LJBL Lesce-Bled Airport

B0095/10 A) LJBL B) 4.6.2010 12:00:00 C) PERM

E) NEW RWY ON AD LESCE INSTALLED. ARP COORDINATES: 462122,72N 0141028,03E. RWY NR 14 BRG 144 RWY NR 32 BRG 324 DIMENSIONS OF RWY 1130M X 23M SURFACE ASPHALT. MTOW 5700KG RWY TORA(M) TODA(M) ASDA(M) LDA(M) 14 1130 1130 1130 955 32 955 955 1130 1130

Open from 10 am to SS, all days when VMC, gliders activity.

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Lesce airport

airport is already opened. BR Iztok

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re: Lesce airport

Reply to @Izzy: Thank you for the information! I've marked the airport as open again.

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pilot info

RWY 13/31 grass in reconstruction from NOV 2009 till -.....

new RWY orientation will be 15/33 or 14/32 ?! and will be paved-asphalt

freq 123.5

a/p closed

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re: pilot info

Reply to @juf: Thanks - I've marked the airport as closed for now, and can change the status back when the new runway is ready. I'm guessing it won't be only a glider airport in the future.

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