Graz University Hospital Helipad

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Graz University Hospital Helipad is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had no visits from members.

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It's two helipads

There are actually *two* helipads in the LKH clinic. One is located on top of the surgical ward (the highest building of the clinic, located on the western edge of the area), the other one is near the pediatric (on the northeastern corner of the clinic). Both are clearly visible on Googlemaps.

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I would not recommend landing here ;)

It looks like a forest and, yeah, it is a forest and definitively not a heliport.

Maybe the heliport of the hospital about a km west was meant, although that one is not open to public.

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re: misplaced

Eurocontrol has a heliport at this location, called "GRAZ LKH" with ICAO id "LOGH".

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re: misplaced

I moved the icon to the vicinity of the hospital for now -- it's difficult to make out the exact helipad location on Google Maps.

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