CLOSED Ciego de Ávila Airport
Ciego de Ávila, Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba

Changes to MUCD

2024-07-01 13:30:23



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Changed type from "small_airport" to "closed"
Changed name from "Ciego De Avila Sur Airport" to "Ciego de Ávila Airport"
Changed municipality from "Ciego de Avila" to "Ciego de Ávila"
Changed latitude_deg from "21.8212" to "21.8423"
Changed longitude_deg from "-78.7567" to "-78.7359"
Changed gps_code from "MUCD" to ""
Changed keywords from "" to "MUCD"
Changed zoom from "14" to "16"

2008-10-17 19:57:27



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Ciego De Avila Sur Airport