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Hamilton Airport:

Contents: Titanium Park, Aeroclub, International Flights

Titanium Park:

Titanium Park in the airport Business Park. Construction has begun.


the Aeroclub (Waikato Aeroclub) has purchased some planes and Young Eagles (the younger part of the aeroclub for kids and teens) you are welcome to come along!


The Airport is looking for flights to Australia from here (airlines like jetstar)

Kiwi air rumors:

it might be starting up again =]

-Monty87838 (Jamie)

ps: any queries, questions or corrections plese contact me at jamiebs1@gmail.com

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Cansalation of Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has cancelled the flights from Hamilton to Brisbane because of lack of customers

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Hamilton (HLZ)

Hamilton Airport Serves as a home for: Waikato Aero Club, Eagle Airways (Eagle Airways Operates the 1900D for Air New Zealand) and Super Air (crop-dusting). At 0:20 AM A 737 (Virgin Australia) lands from Brisbane, and leaves at 4:00 AM. Air New Zealand Also used to opperate 737 to HLZ but ceased opperations. Kiwi Air Used to opperate 757 to the airport. To this present Day The largest Aircraft ever landed was a 757. the Royal New Zealand Airforce also fly in 757s.


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