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This airstrip was converted to residential dwellings in 2017-18.

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What is the phone number for the Raglan airfield?

Can you please send me your phone number to the Raglan airfield.

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Wrong location

The location of the hanger (not sure of the name) is actually -37.806135,175.281436

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Child Flight Charitable Trust

Child Flight flies "special needs" kids on flights that take in the Raglan area, estuary, Bar, Whale Bay and the township 4 times a month. Our web site can be found under childflight.co.nz

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Flying here

You CANNOT fly here. Just I case anyone would be stupid enough to fly here

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Hamilton Airport:

Contents: Titanium Park, Aeroclub, International Flights

Titanium Park:

Titanium Park in the airport Business Park. Construction has begun.


the Aeroclub (Waikato Aeroclub) has purchased some planes and Young Eagles (the younger part of the aeroclub for kids and teens) you are welcome to come along!


The Airport is looking for flights to Australia from here (airlines like jetstar)

Kiwi air rumors:

it might be starting up again =]

-Monty87838 (Jamie)

ps: any queries, questions or corrections plese contact me at jamiebs1@gmail.com

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Cansalation of Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has cancelled the flights from Hamilton to Brisbane because of lack of customers

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Hamilton (HLZ)

Hamilton Airport Serves as a home for: Waikato Aero Club, Eagle Airways (Eagle Airways Operates the 1900D for Air New Zealand) and Super Air (crop-dusting). At 0:20 AM A 737 (Virgin Australia) lands from Brisbane, and leaves at 4:00 AM. Air New Zealand Also used to opperate 737 to HLZ but ceased opperations. Kiwi Air Used to opperate 757 to the airport. To this present Day The largest Aircraft ever landed was a 757. the Royal New Zealand Airforce also fly in 757s.


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What a bonus!

I was on my way to New Plymouth when i saw the sign indicating an airfield "This Way". What is one to do on plane spotting tour of NZ? I'll give you three guesses! You'll only need one i think.

That was 4 years ago and i'm planning a further tour of NZ so any info of airfields anywhere in NZ, whether in the North or South Island much appreciated!

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Before the steel company came.

I was raised as child in Taharoa for a few years before the steel company came, there was no road access to the small village where the small farms were dotted around, where the owners of the land were situated.

Access back then was on a small boat with a seagull engine across the lake known as lake Taharoa.

To get to the small farmhouse, locally known as it is today as the point named after Albatross point the small penninsula which juts out into the sea.

Life back then was so relaxed people were self sufficient, the phones were on the party line system.

I could go on and on. I visit the family and the small homestead when I go back to New zealand, as my fond memories of that place and the elders who have past on have cemented a special place in my heart for what it used to be and what it has become today.

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First time here was in Oct 05 in CNY with BSC. Can't remember who landed - might have been me?

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Flying around volcanoes

We did a scenic flight in a C172 out of Taupo, over the huge Lake Taupo (itself filling the caldera of a massive volcano that erupted last 1,800 years ago, and there are some theories that the Ice Age would have been caused by the ashes from its largest explosion 26,500 years ago), then down to Ruapehu, a 9000ft volcano which is still active. A unique experience and a must-see for anyone visiting New-Zealand north island.

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