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This is my private home.

this is a cow pasture with a private airstrip. Please remove from your site. if someone trys to land here there will be a lawsuit.

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Intense Aviation Training taking place at NZWL - and to the north / North West.

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Airport closed?

Hi, is the airport closed to international arrivals today? Due snow?

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re: CHC

Reply to @Ozguy: Thanx very much, Ozguy!

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re: Wigram

Reply to @rdsair: very sad news.

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The Former Wigram RZNAF Air Force Base or Wigram Airport is Closed

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station strip

1800 ft elevation

You need permission to operate at this strip

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Manuka Point

600m in length

outstanding airstrip

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A great place to land for a snack break under the eye of Mount Cook

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An awesome airport for seeing lots of USAF aircraft involved in Operation Deep Freeze regular visitors throughout summer are C-17, C-5 and C-130.

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What used to be a little aerodrome has now got a lot bigger. A variety of aircraft from warbirds to helicopters operate from this airport daily.

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Trophy hunting, anyone?

They will cater for you up there.

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Favourite stop for lunch

My route took us from CHC to the Westcoast, past the glaciers and Mt Cook to this nice place. You need to ring ahead.

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Pudding Hill

Thanks SkydivingNZ for permission for a quick in-and-out on your strip.

Flew ZK-SBK (Cessna 172-P) into here on 28 Sep 2008.

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Great place

They are building the first airport viallage in the South Island of NZ here.

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Kaikoura Airfield

First trip here for me was on a cross country trip for my PPL on 6 Feb 2003 in a Piper Cherokee PA-28-140, ZK-CUY.

It was a dual trip with Anushka Painter. Corrie and Jordan came along for the ride.

I remember there being an onshore breeze requiring a good crosswind landing - the seal is only 10m wide.

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NZUK - Pukaki Airfield, Twizel

A sealed and grass strip conveniently close to Twizel, and great little town in the Mackenzie Basin. My first landing here was in an Robin Alpha 2160 ZK-RBN on 30 December 2003, a few days after getting my rating for this aircraft. My father was my passenger, and we enjoyed calm and clear weather on a great cross country outing from our home base of the Canterbury Aero Club at Christchurch. We carried on from Pukaki to Omarama airfield (NZOU), then down the Waitaki Valley for a stop at Timaru Airport (NZTU), and then home to Christchurch.

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Actually, just remembered that I made a number of dual flights from Wigram in an RNZAF Airtrainer way back in 1982, but they were all dual, so don't really count.

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First landing here late 2006 - precautionary landing after experiencing a total electrical failure.

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Winter 05 in an Archer

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Timaru NZTU

I first landed here in ZK-RBN on 31 Dec 05.

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A good airport in a lovely city.

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