Southland Region, New Zealand

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Picture of longlong1

Update RWY info

grass rwy 14/32 969m x 30m RESA at each end 90 x 60m/ RWY 14 GR ESWL (2656) 0.4D ASDA 969 / RWY 32 GR 0.4U ASDA 969

B RWY 08/26 PCN20 F/A/X/T RWY 08 0.09D ASDA 1594 /RWY 26 0.09U

RWY 01 Turn left 10 degrees after crossing aerodromes boundary to achieve 1:20

RWY 26 Turn left 12 degrees after crossing aerodrome boundary to achieve 1:20

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Te Anau airport closed permanently

The Te Anau airport was closed permanently about 2009.

The runway had white crosses marked on it (see Google Earth image) to indicate its permanent closure and the land has been sold.

All the services and flying activity has been transferred to the upgraded Manapouri Airport (5km north of Manapouri township).

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Cretre point strio visit

Cretre point strio visit, 6 aircraft 4/5/2014 Otago Aero Club.

can be difficult to find. No sock but note the hanger and bridge to the south. slight dip to middle but not a prob assuming your not at full steam at that point. went in with GA and light sport.

C Buist

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General info

There once was a cafe/restaurant. No more. The airfield is home to the Croydon Aircraft Company - specialist restorers of vintage wooden aircraft. Tiger Moth and other De Havilland aircraft available for scenic flights and flying lessons. The De Havilland Dragonfly is one of only two flying anywhere. Airfield is grass and well maintained. Visiting aircraft welcome. No fuel.

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