Manapouri Airport

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Manapouri Airport is the home base for 1 OurAirports member. It has had 2 visitors.

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Picture of longlong1
Picture of longlong1

Update RWY info

grass rwy 14/32 969m x 30m RESA at each end 90 x 60m/ RWY 14 GR ESWL (2656) 0.4D ASDA 969 / RWY 32 GR 0.4U ASDA 969

B RWY 08/26 PCN20 F/A/X/T RWY 08 0.09D ASDA 1594 /RWY 26 0.09U

RWY 01 Turn left 10 degrees after crossing aerodromes boundary to achieve 1:20

RWY 26 Turn left 12 degrees after crossing aerodrome boundary to achieve 1:20

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