Maria Cristina (Iligan) Airport

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any updates about re-opening of Ma.Cristina Airport....

i guess it's a good thing to have the Balo-i Airport's not just good for Iligan City but for the whole Lanao Del Norte and some parts of Lanao Del Sur esp. Marawi City.based on passenger load in Cagayan De Oro Lumbia Airport,Lanao area comprises some 40-50% of passenger share,which could easily equal to 2 daily flights using modern turbo-prop aircrafts being used by major airlines in the country.the problem with RPMI is the security within the critical radius wherein the aircraft approaches the airport,as it has not been deemed secured yet.but overall,even if an international airport is coming soon in Laguindingan,i would say if Balo-i airport is open for commercial flight,then why would i travel more when i can fly from a nearer airport.hoping that some local leaders with great visions for the good of the whole Lanao areas would give some effort to have the airport re-opened.i guess the likes of Gov.Khalid Dimaporo,who's young with great plans for Lanao Del Norte could be a great instrument of re-opening the airport.and it's good to know that somebody from the Congress is trying to make a policy proposal about re-opening the airport.anyway i have info for RPMI although limited but i guess this would help a bit.i'll just e-mail it to you in a moment.

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any airlines care to fly to iligan?

many have been waiting for balo-i airport/maria cristina airport of iligan to operate commercially again...i heard PAL Express will be flying soon to iligan from MNL and CBU 4x and 3x a week respectively with their Bombardier Q400/300 aircraft.does anybody have any idea if this will push would be a very great thing for the local tourism in the area and for business sector as well...

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re: any airlines care to fly to iligan?

Reply to @badz:

hi.. I'm interested to the Re-opening of the Iligan(Baloi) Airport for commercial flights. I'm making a policy proposal regarding on this matter.. I'm working here in the House of Representatives (Congress). I was required to have a study on this airport and make a policy issue proposal about it... To succeed this study, I need data or any publication or articles regarding Iligan-Baloi Airport.. I've tried to searched in web, but no source available.. Can you help me??

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re: any airlines care to fly to iligan?

just send the data if you have in this e-mail add.. thanx

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re: any airlines care to fly to iligan?

hej,im glad to have a feedback/reaction relating my post.actually it took some time for somebody like me interested about Ma.Cristina Airport's reopening to commercial service.I'm even more happy to know that you're working for the govt.or in the congress.are you a staff of Cong.Varf Belmonte?i've been looking for a way on how i can contact him to ask about what's his plan of RPMI(Iligan)the only thing i can link you about RPMI(Ma.Cristina Airport)is in,i believe you know that forum already.there's a guy in there that's really an aviation expert and he knows the real score of Iligan airport.AFAIK Iligan Airport is still close waiting for the clearing operation by our AFP to be finished and be declared safe for aircraft within the approach zone.but i still believe that a push from the local govt.or the person like cong.varf belmonte or people connected with the govt.could be a big help in reopening the airport.i've seen many airports opened already and has been active ever since.airports of cities or provinces that iligan is way ahead in terms of revenue and population.i just hope you could give your precious time to promote or make an important move so Ma.Cristina Airport can be reopened again.i would would be happy to support too.

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