Cheddi Jagan International Airport

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Only worry about safety, this has no price

Runway, ils, radar control.

New terminal and bays can wait,

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I agree that they should increase the runway to at least 10,000ft and upgrade the airport with boarding bays and add another terminal so more airlines will have accommodations Into Cheddi Jagan which will allow aircrafts like the 747 jumbo jet and the largest aircraft airbus a380, and will have more flights from Pearson International. i also recommend that they install an (Instrument Landing System) on every runway so aircrafts can do ILS landing in foggy conditions and low visibility.

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re: Upgrade

Reply to @pilotfan21: all of the above is done!

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The government is planning to extend the runway to 10,000ft and build a new terminal but it has not been approved yet. Look it up

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Runway and upgrade the airport with boarding bays

I agree 100% with this person that said increase the length of the runway and they need boarding bays

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Increase the length of the runway to accommodate larger jets. Also upgrade to international standards with boarding bays like all other international airports eg Piarco has those, so passengers don't have to climb down those antique stairs, then walk to the terminal building etc. The planes can just pull up to the bays and passengers get off and walk into the airconditioned building and straight to customs and immigration.

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Increase the runway it's like what ? 5700 it's like one and a half mile thats not big enough

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