Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel International Airport

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Custom Officers (Beggars)

I have very bad experience with the Custom Officers at Ahemedabad, Once we finish picking our luggage from carousel and proceed toward the channel for verifying there are a gang of so called cheap custom officer (Mafia) who even dont no proper language or dont know to behave in a gentleman way will ask "Passport dikhana" they will take our passport and than tell us get verified your luggage and come back than they will ask why you travel so frequently so i asked is it restricted in our Country to travel in such.

Than they will start using bad languages even our family is with us they dont care than when they are exhausted finding nothing than they will tell you came from very far try to give the "baskhish" or "Chai Pani". while wasting our precious time nobody to punish this culprits.

I have traveled almost more than 10 countries internationaly but only such behavior is in our country and that to with the Citizens.

The big question mark is are they really gave some kind of examination for such post or they gave huge money to take the position and than they want to recover such paid money??????

Let us together fight against this corruption and dont give them a single coin from our hard earned money.

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Most corrupted airport

This mad employees of amdavad airport are corruption machine, this includes airline employees and custom employees as soon as an international flight lands or a person checks in for an international flight they just try to look for money from the innocent passengers like us in one way or another I believe that mr. Modi who is proud of amdavad should pay more attention to this kind of behavior, then the fantasy amdavad.

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Shamefull behavior by few people can ruin the entire image o

Its disgusting to hear above stories, shame on people of our country who call themselves a citizen of Mahan Bharat. A pure money hunger has lead them to that extent where they cross the line of humanity.

seriously I just hate the currpted system, I call the legal & Political system responsible for it.

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SVP International Airport Employees ask for Bribes

My mom arrived at the SVP Airport on Air India Flight AI 0144 from Newark, NJ, USA and the customs officer asked her for USD 500.00, since she hasn't been to India in 20 years! The man proceeded to tell her that if she didn't pay it was going to take 2 to 3 hours to process her, and that she will have to talk to his supervisor and the supervisor was going to ask for a lot more than USD 500.00.

My mom told the man that she didn't have any money, and that she is going to wait, but he went outside the airport to find who was picking her up and told them that he will not let her go until he was paid USD 500.00.

This employee held my mom hostage, until he got his money. I could not believe what my mom was telling me.

My cousin negotiated with the man and told him all they could pay was USD 100.00, so that they would let her go and the man agreed.

My mom was scared, violated, embarrassed, and no one should be treated this way!

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re: SVP International Airport Employees ask for Bribesi

I agree with you because in 2007 I faced same problem at the SVP Airport. The custom officer asked me to pay $500.00 because of I carried my own gold necklace and bangle to attend my sister's wedding and he was searching and taking out each and every small fake ornaments that I carried along. I told him that it's my ornaments and I am not going to pay a single money and asked him to show me the law. I didn't pay and he let me go. It is totally unfair and shame that we have to face this kind of inconvenience. I am writing now to focus this kind of matter happen at SVP Airport.

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re: SVP International Airport Employees ask for Bribes

You must complain guys. This is not fair.

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