Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

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about international airport

its a nice airport and terminal 2 is a nice place on airport

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mosquitoes amidst improvement

the situation in any of the lounges and rest rooms and waiting areas is horrible. the airport is flooded with mosquitoes at all times. I do agree that the airport has improved but cleanliness and mosquitoes leave a lot to be desired. also at night the lounge on domestic side is horrendously noisy..... last time I was there at 1am on 26th Feb 2016 they tried hanging a massive Chevrolet ad up on the ceiling...... at the end of 2 hours of shouting the whole thing came crashing down.... of course there was panic and half the fellows thought it was an attack and lay flat on ground!! Noise and mosquitoes is a great combo at night to give you a solid headache the next day through.

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Woundarful airport

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The ATC tower is superb!!!!!!! Even many new International routes have been started from this airport.

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Nice airport and nice ATC tower,but hope that the metro rail service starts before the deadline(First week of october '13).

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re: Good

98% de l'aΓ©roport de mΓ©tro est terminΓ©e.

98% of the metro in the airport is complete.

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Excellent airport

I went to CSIA few days ago to leave my relatives travelling to the USA.The airport is much better,bigger,more secure and high standard now.The terminal 3 of the airport is now nearing possession,and same about the metro rail station and new ATC tower.The airports is also very clean and luxurious.This one is one of the best airports I've ever seen.

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When both Mumbai and Delhi airports combined,then they handle more than 75% of air traffic in South Asia.They both are also one of the most luxurious airports in Asia.

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Modernization of CSIA

The airport is being modernized by new ATC tower,expansion of terminals,international 5-star lounges,swimming pool,metro rail service etc.After all these things are complete(by August 2013),then Mumbai airport can easily compete with other famous airports in the world.

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2nd largest airport in South Asia,and one of the world's top 10 best airports(awarded by Airports Council International)

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Airport is developing

I am a mumbayite, staying in Gulf - visiting every 2 years....10 yrs back it was dark and dusty - airport was looking like a railway station, but in 2012 . I noticed 75% improvement... Customs also no bla bla by the officers, some officers still try to fetch some milk from old cows.

rest its ok

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re: custom officers at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Air

Did any foriegner man has come from Google to give the check to bhagya jyoti h.rongpi......please reply nw it's very urgent

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custom officers at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

i have visited in january 2011, while i was arrived at airport in the morning everything was ok but when i checking out one of the custom officer called me and ask me what i have although i was passed from green zone and i was having nothing but that officer was talking with me very rudely as i am his servant and i m terrorist. he had seen all my luggage and everything was clearly checked and he has taken my perfume which i had purchased from shanghai in 210 USD. that experience is very bad from mumbai airport custom officers and every one arriving at this airport are telling the same thing.......very bad

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Massive Airfield Work-In-Progress and Extensive Arr Delay

Almost the whole of the airport is under re-construction. Taxy with caution.

Rwy 14/32 Closed for rwy works.

Heavy arrival traffic, especially in the evenings. Expect to hold as long as 1 hr...yes 1 hr!

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getting better

The first I visited this airport was in February 2006. I came back twice, the last time in August 2007. I must say that it improved rather a lot. It felt much more cleaner and re-structured in a more logical way. Customs are very precise, but friendly, and all the rest of the personell is friendly anyway. It does not have all the comforts of European airports, but it is getting better.

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