Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport

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Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport is the home base for 8 OurAirports members. It has had 98 visitors.

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(no subject)

Here Soniagandhi all her families located at all airports fake calls on taking airport s into control false police with

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Staff Needs Training

When I went through Immigration, the officer was busy with updating his Facebook Page, a local news paper was also left opened on his desk. The officer did not speak a word, he just used hand gestured (how own sign language) to reache to our passport. He took my wife's passport and head gestured for her. I said "Thank You" when my passport was handed back to us, then the officer looked at me as he has never seen anyone in his life (in oblivion). The immigration officers all wore white, I don't know why they do it. Their shirt collars and arm pits looked so dirty. Locals say the Immigration officers are dirtier than their clothes (Eliciting Bribes). The air-conditioning in the airport does not keep up with passenger load. Seriously this country has to look into work ethic issues and needs that be resolved because they are promoting themselves as the "Heaven on Earth".. There are local porters who swam at you to offer help, then they demanded money in US dollars. There needs to be some serious training for the entire staff at this airport.

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my review about air port

the most badly handeled airport ever seen.the service is worst.they dont provide wifi and some of duty free shops dont accept their own country currency only.what the fucking shit is this

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Lost tablet- Crown Make

I have forgotten my tablet-crown make near the ODEL showroom on 2nd June. I found that it has been taken by a local works in the departure area as the last to its data sim No 0721197545 has recorded in Palawatta area.

I find it as a great lost because of my lecture notes. I know for very sure that this item will not be useful to anyone as it seems now it is stolen. So, please make sure to return it back if you found it accidentally. Again, it is a great help.

Call me for any information via 0770102852.

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Avgas 100LL

Who are the suplliers of Avgas in Sri lanka

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lost the passpord

help me my brother lost his passport

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Service at the airport

the departure lounge is faily ok but there should be lot of improvement to arrivals, shop assistants are not interested to serve customers, specially when lot of fights coming in nights. may be those assistants need a good sleep in day time. i was in departure lounge a few times, even though those shop assistants were better than their counterparts in arrivals they were net that courteous or helpful as in Bangkok or Singapore airport. please consider the customer is the most important and one good customer is worth 8 more potential customers.

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Overall service quality

A very clean environment. Free WiFi. Good duty free shopping. Service needs improvement.

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Fuel Crisis

Would there be delays of a stand still in flights travelling to and from CMB due to the fuel shortage in the country? Please andswer the query promptly.

Thank you.

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re: Fuel Crisis

Aaaah, don't worry..we have enough fuel to get airborne..once we are in the air, all you little mice can start paddling real hard to keep the ship moving forward....

[I am Sri Lankan, and I don't like your tone..a$$ hole]

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re: Fuel Crisis

you are mis-informed. we have no issue with fuel. we are good to go.

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very bad

service is like hell

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re: very bad

Much better than any European airport.

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flight schadule

please add a detailed flight schadule,its not clear 4 anyone,its a international airport,good service,i hope u will do ur best 2 add this

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UL 227 Flight delay from colombo

very misleading information no where to find wehn the flight arriving ul 227 11.09.10 personnaly this was very bad experience for my family with two kids travelling to dubai

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re: UL 227 Flight delay from colombo

stupid....check arrivals at dubai airport........

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RUNWAY 22---110.30---221ΒΊ

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