Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
Amritsar, Punjab, India

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Hi , can any up date me pls how far is this wonderfull air pory from jalandher ( sodal ).

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Awesome Airport from Punjab

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like this airport

i went there many time with air on near from this airport one religious place is very m say u to go there one time in life.and whether is so cool

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Best airport ever....

Love to use this airport .and will tell others to use this wonderful airport. Always using this airport when this airport got international status and never got any kind of problem.

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worst airport ever

International airport? Shame on you!

No watch on any wall, not one display announcing departures or arrivals. The security workers had the worst mood. Terrible.

We went to different places in India and nowhere found toilets this bad. Unbelievable.

I will never use this airport again and will tell others about this.

I don't understand how it is even possible to work such an airport.

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Contant Begging

I have a bad experience, requesting a wheel chair for my mother, no problem there. Whilst chair is being pushed, the person pushing the chair is constantly asking for money. What ever one gives is not enough. I ended up giving 600 Rupees, and that was still not enough.

Indian airports authorities need to look into this. India is the only place in the world where one gets constantly annoyed.

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I used this airport about 9 years and back then I was subject to the usual Indian tradition of being asked for I see nothing has changed - what a shame! I am hoping to use this in the near future, I really do hope I am not disappointed this time.

I think the one person above that did have something good to say must be either related to someone who works there or has been bribed (another well known Indian tradition)

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hate that airport

All they want is money. not willing to talk to you or help in any way. worst customer service. when you ask they for a written document they are not willing to give it to you. hate that airport and its workers. shit airport in a wonderfully developing country.

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worst airport ever

the worst service ever. the worst airport in the world. bad customer service. will be never going to this airport again and will advice others not to either.

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My most sincere thanks to Sergeant.A.K.Singh( stationed at the airport) for unconditionally helping me to reach the Amritsar Int airport in time to board a flight to Delhi. Dear Singh Sir, plz accept my sincere thanks for offering me a lift on your bike so that I reached the airport on time. Plz feel free to visit my home if at all you visit Mysore.Plz provide me Sergeant A.K.Singh ji's mobile no.Dayanidhi,

My most sincere thanks to the security staff for being so cooperative.



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lost bag

my family flight from amritsar on 17/04/2014 at 11-55 she lost her bag in waiting area no one find

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wheel chair service complaint

i travelled from Amritsar on the 29th November and wheel chair staff forced my to give money to them.There were three guys who took me to the plane in the wheel chair and all of them asked and harassed me to give money to them.

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What is schedule of international flights

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why this airport is not shown on "".

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Wrongly named correct name is " Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee Intern

Please change the name

correct name is " Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar "

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