Tribhuvan International Airport

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Tribhuvan International Airport is the home base for 8 OurAirports members. It has had 54 visitors.

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(no subject)

Flight is already cancelled and its still showing scheduled!!

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wanna see each n everyday schaduale

how can I download this schaduale . I want to see arrival n departure each n everyday . can I down load tia schaduale for android mobile .

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Thank you

This website is far better than official website. This website always help me. I am Run an NGO and there are so many visitors through out year coming from all over the world . I always recommend this website to them for maximum information they need . Thank you so much.

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Earthquake 2015

This airport is the main entry point for supplies into Nepal after the April 2015 earthquake, since the country is landlocked and there aren't any major land links. Unfortunately, news today (2015-05-03) is that the runway is starting to suffer damage from so many landings over the past week, so they've restricted it to smaller aircraft only.

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regarding flight timings.

hi , my name is bikesh shrestha from nepal , my flight of saudi arabia is on 8th march sunday , my reservation number is 38133880.

Due to the incident of turkish airlines i was wondering if there will be an flight delay..if anything kindly provide me information at email

NUmber : +9779843755899

Given number at paper seems to be wrong country code,

thank you

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