NOTAMS for Hasanuddin International Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM A2103/24: Hasanuddin International Airport (WAAA)

A2103/24 NOTAMN Q) WAAF/QWALW/IV/M/W/000/003/0504S11932E001 A) WAAA B) 2407140000 C) 2407140600 E) AIR DISPLAY (AEROMODELLING.) ACT WILL TAKE PLACE WI COORD AS FLW : 050348.37S1193215.44E - 050346.83S1193215.16E - 050344.91S1193229.79E - 050346.26S1193230.10E - 050348.37S1193215.44E RMK : ALL TFC SUBJ ATC CLR F) SFC G) 300FT AMSL CREATED: 13 Jul 2024 07:51:00 SOURCE: WRRRYNYX

NOTAM A2102/24: Hasanuddin International Airport (WAAA)

A2102/24 NOTAMN Q) WAAF/QWPLW/IV/M/W/000/080/0504S11933E001 A) WAAA B) 2407142200 C) 2407142300 E) PJE (FREE FALL.) WILL TAKE PLACE WI 1NM RADIUS CENTRED ON 050346.85S1193220.75E RMK : ALL TFC SUBJ ATC CLR F) SFC G) 8000FT AMSL CREATED: 13 Jul 2024 07:25:00 SOURCE: WRRRYNYX

NOTAM A2101/24: Hasanuddin International Airport (WAAA)

A2101/24 NOTAMN Q) WAAF/QMXLC/IV/BO/A/000/999/0504S11933E005 A) WAAA B) 2407131400 C) 2407131800 E) TWY CLSD DUE TO WIP AS FLW : - TWY WP BTN RWY 13/31 AND TWY D - TWY SP BTN TWY J AND TWY C CREATED: 13 Jul 2024 06:40:00 SOURCE: WRRRYNYX