Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi), Indonesia

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No more airline service

Airline service has moved to the new Toraja Airport (WAFB).

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Susi Air fly to Toraja Land

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Location and ICAO code fixed.

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Wrong Coordinat.

The place of airport tagging coordinat is incorrect. Please check google earth and search "Bandara Tampa Padang, Mamuju, West Celebes"

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re: Malili Airport

Thank you for the update. I've marked the airport as "closed" for now.

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Malili Airport

Well.. the location is right, but the airport is closed and the local government plan to rebuild but there is no fund from central government. The Malili airport was have 1 runway adjacent to the parking space. The runway number was 02-20. I was once go to this airport but it's nearly abandoned and was nearly destroyed. I know this information because I'm leave near the town of Malili. Oh one more thing, the airport runway was now used as motor-cycle racing area.

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New ICAO Airport Code for Andi Jemma WAWM -> WAAM

Please notify that New ICAO Airport Code for Andi Jemma is: WAAM.

Beware 1500 feet before landing, that the airport is on the valley! Change your vertical speed from the lowest to the highest is needed.

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Change ICAO Code of Soroako Airport WAWS -> WAAS

New ICAO Airport Code for Soroako Airport is: WAAS.

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Booking for a flight to Rantpao

How to get there ? Where to book tickets?

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