Jawa Timur (East Java), Indonesia

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299 KHz PS

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Fuel service

Until Aug 2014 no refueling facility observed for this airport.

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Airline service

Regular Flight from WARR served by Garuda Indonesia using ATR 72-600 daily once a day.

As the runway it self is smooth enough for daily operations. The appron only fits for maximum of two aircrafts for ATR 72 size. Not clear wether it has an instrument approach procedure or not.

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Trunojoyo Airport


ARP Coordinat : 113 32' 54" - 116 16' 48" BT ; 4 55' - 7 24' LS

Elevation / reference temperature : 10 Ft / 33 C

Hour of services : 01.00 - 09.00 UTC

Category of fire fighting : Cat IV

RWY number designation : 12 - 30

RWY dimension, surface and strength : 1.130 m x 23 m, Asphalt Hotmix, 12 FCYT

TWY dimension, surface and strength : 10 m x 40 m, Asphalt Hotmix, 7 FCYT

Apron dimension, surface and strength : 40 m x 40 m, Asphalt Hotmix, 7 FCYT

Strip dimension : 1.250 m x 80 m

ATS Services : AFIS

ATS comunication facilities : A/G TRUNOJOYO INFORMATION, Freq 118,65 MHz

NDB, Freq MP/200KHz

DVOR, Freq SMP/114,1 MHz

Landing Aids : AFL, PAPI RWY 30

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re: Not an airport

Correct, this is not an airport.

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last reported

The runway asphalt need to overlayed. No fixedwing aircraft landed here since year 2009,the only air transportation was helicopter coming from Ngurahrai (Denpasar.Bali) chartered by Pt.KEI for the employee crew changes.

Very nice base camp with full facility provided by PT.KEI

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pagerungan island

This airport operated by Kangean energy Indonesia.

Runway length about 900m (rwy 30-12) with navaid NDB on freq.282 Mhz,avis radio on freq.122.1 callsign "pagerungan radio".

Refueling avtur jetA.has helipad and hangar.

Operating from sunrise to sunset.

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Not an airport

This is not an airport. The only aeronautical around here is the Naval Museum, some 500 meter to the south, which also has a couple of aircraft on display.

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My data (from Eurocontrol) says MALANG / ABDUL RAHMAN SALEH.

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According to the Indonesian Directorate Of General Aviation,the name of the airport is ABDUL RACHMAN SALEH

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re: Pagerungan Island Airfield -

I'm pretty confident that Torohhiga is a duplicate -- I've merged it in.

The runway data appears under the "Pilot Info" tab.

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Pagerungan Island Airfield -

Am told by credible source that the field length/width is 915m x 30m. Not sure what this "Torohhiga" airport is though !

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According to "INDOAVIS NUSATARAN" the name of the airport is just "Abdul Rachman".

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Trunojoyo Airport new ICAO code "WART" - IATA code : "SUP".

Former ICAO code "WRST"

Source : ICAO Attachment A to ATNTTF/6-IP/9

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