Sumatera Utara (North Sumatra), Indonesia

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Masa koperku begitu turun langsung penyok ujungnya. Emangnya itu lempar bola yah? Kasar amat sih. Baru aja beli dan dipakai sekali. Bener" deh, tolong diubah yah cara taruh barangnya.habis duit mulu ni

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Reply to @FLUNKN: I've added the Kuala Namu WIMM airport.

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Please note: This airport's ICAO identifier is now WIMK (IATA MES). There was a new airport constructed that has the ICAO identifier WIMM (IATA KNO).

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ILS RWY 05: 110,1 Mhz.

ILS RWY 05 at freq.: 110,1 Mhz. Please notify that arrival from South East MSA: 7500 feet, arrival from South West: 9000 feet, MSA at North MES is 1500 feet, but keep your ALT 025 according to many tower and building. Then lefthand down wind after MDN DME 6,6 approaching ILS RWY 05. After D5.5 MDN you must adjust your HDG between 046 - 048 degrees aligning the RWY HDG. Make a fast descent after VOR DME MDN from ALT 025 to ALT 009, otherwise you missed approach the RWY by over shoot it ....

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Update NOTAM

Is NOTAM about re-open RWY 05/23 after aircraft block on RWY released?

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Runway Information

RWY 11/29

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Runway Information

RWY 05/23

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