Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara), Indonesia

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Change Airport name and ATS

Name of the airport is Fransiskus Xaverius Seda and the ATS is Aerodrome Control Tower not AFIS and the callsign is "Frans Seda Tower" on 122.3

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Busy airport, good English speaking controllers

The airport has a movement on average every 5-10 minutes, making it a busy airport by Indonesian standards. The controllers can speak English well and are happy to provide weather to incoming or departing aircraft. Due to the single taxiway, you can expect the occasional delay when attempting to taxi. The terminal has lots of snacks and there are lots of taxis that can take you into town.

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WATO is a new ICAO Code for Labuan Bajo Mutiara II, before is WRKO.

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Gewayentana Airport ICAO code is now "WATL" stead of "WRKL"

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THE NEW ICAO CODE IS "WATA" stead of "WRKA" (sources ICAO attachment A to ATNTTF/6-IP-9)

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Correction not WATL but WATB

Correction the ICAO Code is "WATB" . Sorry for this mistake

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